How much does it cost to give birth in Malaysia?

Major Costs Government Hospital Private Hospital
Normal monthly checkups before delivery RM3,000
Various pregnancy tests/scans RM1,000
Normal delivery RM60 – RM2,000 RM3,000 – RM10,000
C-Section delivery RM100 – RM800 RM6,000 – RM15,000

How much does it cost to give birth in?

Private Hospitals: Natural births at private hospitals cost between R16,000 – R19,300, assuming you stay for three days at the hospital without any complications.

How much does an epidural cost in Malaysia?

The cost will vary between government and private hospitals, though as you already know, it will cost your less at a government hospital. For the epidural, it will cost about an additional RM1,000 at private hospitals or about RM250 at government hospitals.

How much is cesarean in Malaysia?

Having a cesarean can cost up to RM17,000.

How much should I budget for pregnancy?

So, how much will labor + delivery cost? The Big Day: Even with insurance, the average cost of actually giving birth is about $3,400, with vaginal births averaging about $2,600 and C-sections about $4,500.

Does insurance cover having a baby?

All Health Insurance Marketplace® and Medicaid plans cover pregnancy and childbirth. This is true even if your pregnancy begins before your coverage starts. Maternity care and newborn care — services provided before and after your child is born — are essential health benefits.

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When should I visit doctor if pregnant in Malaysia?

It should be done as soon as you are confirmed pregnant. The recommended time is when you are less than 12 weeks pregnant. The first visit may be late in your pregnancy but is still regarded as the booking visit.

Which hospital is best for delivery in Malaysia?

If you are planning to deliver in private hospitals, here are 10 private hospitals in KL & Selangor for labour and delivery.

  • Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur.
  • Sunway Medical Centre.
  • Tropicana Medical Centre.
  • Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur.
  • Columbia Asia PJ.
  • Subang Jaya Medical Centre.
  • Prince Court Medical Centre.

Can foreigners go to government hospital in Malaysia?

Foreigners are eligible for public healthcare, so long as they pay additional fees, or they can alternatively opt for private healthcare. You can find a list of treatment charges for foreigners at government hospitals on the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s website.

Which delivery is better normal or C-section?

Generally considered safe, C-sections do have more risks than vaginal births. Plus, moms can go home sooner and recover quicker after a vaginal delivery. But C-sections can help women who are at risk for complications avoid dangerous delivery-room situations and can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

Is April C-section month?

April is Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM) around the world. For some global locations, there are too few cesareans performed and pregnant/postpartum people and/or their newborns are dying or experiencing significant morbidity issues. (In the sub-Saharan region of Africa the rate of cesarean section is 4%.)

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How long is a Cesarean scar?

What Will My Scar Look Like? Healed, a C-section scar is 4 to 6 inches long, though this length can vary due to the placement of the incision and the space required to birth your baby. The redness will also diminish over time. Depending on how your body heals, your scar may be flat or raised.

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