How long will it take to learn Lao?

Is Lao hard to learn?

Lao does not take really long to learn (compared to other languages that might take many years or decades). … Both Lao and Thai are from the Tai-kadai language class, so by learning Lao first as the foundation, you’ll be able to understand a variety of Lao regional dialects and Thai quicker.

Is Lao worth learning?

As a tonal language, there are six different tones used in Lao. There is no grammatical gender or declension, so concepts like tense are revealed through the use of time referencing words. … It is definitely worthwhile to learn Lao, and locals will be very happy to hear you at least give it a try.

Is Lao easy?

Several people have already stated that Lao is easier with spelling (and definitely with writing in my opinion) however that said you’ll be concentrating on learning to speak for a while before you want to try reading and writing.

Does duolingo have Lao?

Learn Laotian in just 25-minutes. Tired of wasting time on Duolingo? … We teach the culture you are learning and not just the language! Start your journey with our membership program or booking an individual session. We also provide native instruction in English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and more.

What is the nationality of Laos?

The Lao people are a Tai ethnic group native to Southeast Asia, who speak the eponymous language of the Kra–Dai languages, originating from present-day southern China. They are the majority ethnic group of Laos, making up 53.2% of the total population. The majority of Lao people adhere to Theravada Buddhism.

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What is uTalk?

uTalk is a freeware client for text, image, and voice messaging between phones and computers. uTalk supports various protocols such as AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, XMPP/Jabber, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, MobileMe/iChat and Facebook.

Does Rosetta Stone have Amharic?

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