How do you clean Muay Thai equipment?

How do you clean Muay Thai shin guards?

Clean Right After Training

Make this a habit: as soon as your training ends, use a towel to give the exterior shell a wipe as sweat can cause stains on the leather. For sanitizing purpose, use disinfectant wipes to give the entire shin guard a good wipe down all over.

How do I wash my fight gear?

As a general rule, you’ll want to wash them in warm water as that is more effective in removing stains. Add some gentle detergent (we recommend ACTIVE detergent) and put the machine on a delicate cycle. To prevent the colors from fading, turn the shorts inside out.

Can you put Muay Thai shin guards in washing machine?

A good example would be Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards. So it can hurt the washing machine and definitely consider putting them in some sort of bag which allows water and protects your washing machine at the same time. Thanks to that, your shin guards can also stay looking cool after the washing as well.

How do you clean leather Thai pads?

Use an antibacterial wipe or spray on all surfaces (inside and out). Then, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe off as much extra moisture as you can. Leave the equipment to dry for as long as possible.

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Can I wash my shin guards?

Throw ‘Em In the Wash (But Not the Dryer)

Shin guards are, by definition, intended to take a beating. They won’t fall apart in a washing machine. … To help eliminate any lingering odor, lay a dryer sheet over top of them as they dry out. Once dry, spray them with disinfectant to inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria.

How do you get the smell out of shin guards?

Use a brush with soap and water to scrub away any debris. Then soak the guards in a mixture of detergent and water for 15–20 minutes (a plugged sink works nicely). Air dry. When the cycle or soak is finished, DON’T place the guards in the dryer, as this can damage them.

Can you use alcohol to clean boxing gloves?

Never Use Alcohol on Leather

Leather gloves should never be cleaned with any detergents that contain alcohol. Not only will using alcohol discolor your gloves but, much more importantly, it will also cause cracks and tears which will deteriorate the material integrity and render your gloves useless.

Can you machine wash sparring gear?

Once your uniform is sufficiently dried, fold it up properly and put it into your laundry bin. Depending on the brand, you can safely put your dobok in a washing machine and dryer. Once done, make sure that you iron it thoroughly and hang it up or fold it before storing.

Can I use disinfecting wipes on boxing gloves?

You can also use any kind of disinfectant wipes, like the Clinell Universal Wipes, to clean the outside and inside of the gloves. However, the wipes will not get the sweat out completely. But they will get the bacteria away from the outer and inner layers of the gloves.

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What are glove dogs?

The Ringside Glove Dogs are a unique and extremely effective dryer and deodorizer to keep your boxing gloves fresh and ready to roll for your next round. It includes a cotton flannel outer shell featuring red cedar chips used to absorb moisture and oil from the inside of your glove.

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