How do I file a labor complaint in the Philippines?

How do I make a complaint against my employer?

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  1. Contact the HR department. …
  2. Send legal notice to your employer. …
  3. Go for Arbitration. …
  4. Approach the labour commissioner. …
  5. File your complaint in a labour court: …
  6. Employment contract. …
  7. Evidence of not receiving the salary. …
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What is labor arbiter?

The labor arbiters of the NLRC have exclusive original and exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide upon the cases of all workers, whether agricultural or non-agricultural. The cases that they have jurisdiction over are the following: Unfair labor practice cases.

What is labor dispute Philippines?

“Labor dispute” includes any controversy or matter concerning terms and conditions of employment or the association or representation of persons in negotiating, fixing, maintaining, changing or arranging the terms and conditions of employment, regardless of whether the disputants stand in the proximate relation of …

How do I email a Dole complaint?

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT. To our dear clients, please tell us how we have served you and how we can serve you better by doing any of the following: You may send us your comments/suggestions/feedbacks through email at or fill up the email form at our website (

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How do I file a Dole complaint?

24/7 Hotline:

  1. You may call DOLE Hotline: 1349.
  2. Submit a query.

Where do I report unfair work practices?

You can report a claim to your local labor board in person, by telephone or through email. Complaints should include the names of the employee and the company in question, an outline of the violation and the date(s) of occurrence.

What are the qualification of a labor arbiters?

The Labor Arbiters shall likewise be members of the Philippine Bar and must have been engaged in the practice of law in the Philippines for at least ten (10) years, with at least five (5) years experience or exposure in the field of labor-management relations.

What is illegal dismissal in the Philippines?

Illegal dismissal is the termination of employment or separation from employment without complying with due process of law. Illegal dismissal may result in reinstatement, full backwages, moral damages, exemplary damages, nominal damages, and attorney’s fees.

Can I get a non lawyer friend to handle my case in the labor arbiters office?

Hence, members of labor organizations may be validly represented by a non-lawyer in a labor case. … In both cases, the complete name and office address of both parties shall be made on record and the adverse party or his counsel or representative shall be properly notified.

Who are covered by the Labor Code of the Philippines?

The significant features of this law include the compulsory coverage of both land-based and sea-based overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), not older than 60 years old, and self-employed persons as determined by the Social Security Commission.

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