Frequent question: What do you call an Indonesian music with five equidistant tones in octave?

Slendro. five equidistant tones in octave.

What is a 5 tone scale in Indonesia?

Slendro (called salendro by the Sundanese) is a pentatonic scale, Play (help·info) the older of the two most common scales (laras) used in Indonesian gamelan music, the other being pélog. … Gamelan usually only uses five of the seven tones in pelong.

What is a slendro scale?

: a pentatonic tuning employed for Javanese gamelans that divides the octave into five roughly similar intervals Any pair of notes in the slendro scale, it is generally agreed, sound satisfactory together.— Richard Pickvance, A Gamelan Manual, 2005 — compare pelog.

What do you call a scale with 7 notes?

Heptatonic scale, also called Seven-note Scale, or Seven-tone Scale, musical scale made up of seven different tones. The major and minor scales of Western art music are the most commonly known heptatonic scales, but different forms of seven-tone scales exist.

What are the 5 notes in the pentatonic scale?

The first, second, third, fifth, and sixth notes of the major scale become the five notes in the major pentatonic scale.

Is a five equidistant tones in octave?

Answer: Pentatonic scales (i.e., consisting of five notes to the octave), usually consisting of minor thirds and major seconds, are used throughout the continent, especially in songs and song types that are not strongly influenced by the art music and popular music of the cities.

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Is slendro pentatonic?

Play (help·info) is one of the essential tuning systems used in gamelan instruments that has pentatonic scale. Based on Javanese mythology, the Slendro Gamelan tuning system is older than the pélog tuning system.

Which of the following has 5 equidistant tones of octave?

The slendro tends to have five equidistant but flexible (or varying) pitches in an octave, while the pelog, with seven equally flexible tones, has a more varied structure.

What do you call the two types of Indonesian music scale?

Scales. There are two different scale systems used in Balinese gamelan: slendro and pelog. It is important to note that these are not scales with specific pitches, or even categories of scales (such as major or minor) that have specific interval relationships.

What tone is used in the Indonesian music slendro?

Slendro (called salendro by the Sundanese) is a pentatonic (five tone) scale, one of the two most common scales used in Indonesian gamelan music.

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