Frequent question: How do I top up Myanmar phone?

How do I top up Myanmar MPT?

You can make payment via Top Up main Balance by following steps;

  1. Dial *258#
  2. Enter “2” for payment by Topup Card and then click “Send”
  3. Enter “Invoice Number” and click “Send”
  4. Enter “Account Code” and click “Send”
  5. Enter “Pin Number“ and click “Send”
  6. Enter “1” to go next page.
  7. Enter “1” to proceed.

How do I top up an international phone?

Even when you’re away from the UK, it’s easy to top up with EE – here’s how. There are three ways you can top up while abroad: log in to My EE and go to Menu > Top up. call +44 7953 966 250 and top up using a credit or debit card.

How can I recharge Myanmar Ooredoo?

How does Recharge work?

  1. Call 234 from your Ooredoo number in Myanmar.
  2. Call 9970 0002 34 from any other phone.
  3. Call 0095 9970 0002 34 from abroad.
  4. Visit the Ooredoo website.
  5. Visit the Ooredoo Facebook page.

How do I top up online?

How it Works

  1. Select Your Country. Quickly and easily select your destination from the list of available countries.
  2. Enter Phone Number. Enter the number of the mobile phone you wish to recharge online and select your carrier.
  3. Select Top-Up Amount. …
  4. Complete Payment.
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How do I top up MPT pay?

How to Top Up & Data

  1. Select Airtime Top-Up menu.
  2. Select Self for self Top-Up . Choose your Top-Up amount or enter preferred amount below and then press Proceed button.
  3. Please confirm Top-Up details and enter your 4-digit PIN to proceed. SMS notification will be received after transaction is completed.
  4. Successful.

How can I top up my Telenor bill?

You can top up your prepaid card using one of the following options: by purchasing a voucher from the specified points of sale and then enter *115* the voucher code # and press ОК/ calling button – free of charge and directly from your phone.

What is phone top up?

What are “top up online” or “refill on mobile”? These are trade names for top up credit sent from a merchant via their phone to another phone by entering in their phone number and the amount of the top up. A confirmation SMS is sent to both phones when the transaction is complete.

What is Topup recharge?

Key Difference: Top-up is a way to replenish a prepaid mobile account without extending the validity period, whereas recharge is a way to replenish a prepaid mobile account with the extension of validity period. … There are two ways of using the mobile account.

What is a top up?

an amount added to something in order to raise it to or maintain it at a desired level. (as modifier)a top-up loan; a top-up policy.

How do I top up my Ooredoo Myanmar prepaid card?

How to recharge Ooredoo Myanmar mobile credits?

  1. Select the recipient country and enter phone number.
  2. Select top up amount or data bundle and click Pay Now to make payment.
  3. Pay and receive. After payment is made, your recipient mobile will be recharged! If it is a PIN, your recipient would receive the PIN via SMS.
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What happens if I dont pay Ooredoo?


5.2 Ooredoo provides electronic billing or “e-billing” to all of its consumer customers. … 5.4 Non-payment: If you do not pay your bill within 30 days of the date of the bill, Ooredoo may suspend, restrict, or disconnect your Service, and/or cancel your account.

How can I recharge my Ooredoo card?

How to recharge using your Ooredoo code

  1. Enter *127*PIN# followed by the send button.
  2. Call 111 and follow the instructions.
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