Does Malaysian Airlines fly to Maldives?

Airline Malaysia Airlines
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Can Malaysians travel to Maldives?

Get Maldives visa on arrival from Malaysia

Tourist visa is granted for all nationalities, on arrival to Maldives. This means, no prior visa is required to arrive to Maldives as a Tourist. The maximum number of days granted on arrival would be 30 days unless agreed by any bilateral means or Treaty.

Is Maldives close to Malaysia?

The distance between Malaysia and Maldives is 3207 km.

Are Malaysia Airlines still flying?

In response to travel restrictions, we are currently flying to limited destinations.

How many hours travel from Malaysia to Maldives?

Flying time from Malaysia to Maldives

The total flight duration from Malaysia to Maldives is 4 hours, 33 minutes.

What cities fly direct to Maldives?

Below you can find a list of all cities and countries that have direct flights to Malé, ordered by popularity.

  • Dubai (DXB)
  • Dhaalu (DDD)
  • Dharavandhoo (DRV)
  • Doha (DOH)
  • Mumbai (BOM)
  • Maamigili (VAM) 93 flights this month.
  • Colombo (CMB) 89 flights this month.
  • Kochi (COK) 67 flights this month.

Do Virgin fly direct to Maldives?

While Virgin Atlantic doesn’t fly to the Maldives, you can now redeem your Flying Club miles on flights operated by Air France, which flies seasonally from various destinations in the U.K. to Male via its hub in Paris (CDG).

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