Does CityMapper work in Singapore?

Does Citymapper work outside London?

Google Maps might be more comprehensive, covering much, much more of the world, but lots of people find Citymapper – where it is available, at least – far easier to use. The only issue is that’s it’s currently only available in a handful of major cities – in the UK, that’s London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Does Citymapper work in Singapore?

Launched in Singapore in April, Citymapper – which smartphone users can download for free – provides travel options according to time, cost and even energy expended. … Citymapper also gives an Uber option, but none for taxis.

What map does Citymapper use?

We do our own walk routing using OpenStreetMaps (it’s like Wikipedia but for maps), which has all the best routes constantly updated by some good people who know such things.

How do I change my work location on Citymapper?

How do I switch to a different city? Tap on the text at the top of the home screen that says “Citymapper [city name]”. From there you can switch to a different city.

Is Citymapper better than Google Maps?

If you’re in one of those new cities, give Citymapper a shot. It’s not terribly different from Google Maps, but it’s better at fitting multiple transit options onto the screen at once and has a big fat “Get Me Home” button on the home screen. It’s one of the most useful buttons in the history of buttons.

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Does Citymapper use data?

Citymapper works on iOS, Android and the web. It uses open data from Transport for London, OpenStreetMaps, Foursquare, Google, Apple, Cyclestreets, and other sources. Its weather updates are powered by

How does Citymapper make money?

The free app, which plots journeys for users in 80 cities around the world, generates an income from its travel card, Citymapper Pass. … Via its affiliate channel, Citymapper is also paid a small fee every time a user hails a taxi or books a scooter via its platform.

Is Moovit a good app?

Moovit has been a life saver in terms of public transport. It’s much more reliable than Google Maps and it gets the job done in a user friendly manner. I enjoy the GUI and the overall app experience.

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