Best answer: Who is Malaysia to Byron Scott?

Kristen joined the cast of Basketball Wives in season 7. She was introduced as the cousin to cast member, Malaysia Pargo. Along with Kristen, her family also joined the show – father-in-law, Byron Scott, and his new fiance, Cece Guiterrez.

Kristen is Byron’s daughter-in-law. She’s married to Bryon’s son Thomas.

Who is TK Carter son?

And it’s all because OG revealed Byron Scott isn’t his biological father. Since the biological father’s name was beeped out, his identity isn’t widely known. Turns out, Thomas’ biological father is actor TK Carter. And TK may have thrown a little shade at Byron in a recent Instagram post.

The two seasons that CeCe Gutierrez, 47, has been a part of were nothing short of harrowing for her. … She joined ‘Basketball Wives’ in Season 7 alongside Kristen Scott. Even though they are related, the drama boiled over leaving their relationship fractured for the foreseeable future.

Who is FEBY Torres dating?

‘Basketball Wives’ star Feby Torres raises cryptic toast to boyfriend Damien Berry.

What did Kristen say about OG man?

“She had made comments about my man not playing, or not being a good player, and I’m like, your man never even played on a team. These are things you guys are not privy to. When people keep talking about you behind your back and you keep getting it, it’s like, girl, give me that go and I’m a go.”

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