Best answer: Where can I smoke shisha in Bangkok?

Can you smoke shisha in Bangkok?

Shisha/hookah is illegal in Thailand, although you can find many “restaraunts” involving shisha/hookah in Bangkok. Personally, I recommend going to Nana Soi 5. The first thing you see on your right when you enter the soi is an elevator which leads to a shisha restaraunt.

Is it illegal to smoke shisha?

As with smoking a cigarette the smoking of shisha/water pipe is not permitted within substantially and fully enclosed public spaces or workplaces because of the Smoke Free laws. These smoking laws apply to waterpipes whether or not the shisha product being smoked contains tobacco or not.

Is shisha banned in Ottawa?

An Ottawa shisha bar owner says he plans to continue ignoring the city’s smoking ban despite tens of thousands of dollars in fines — but worries his landlord might have something to say about it. … Water pipes and vaping have been included in the city’s indoor smoking ban since 2016, and enforced since 2017.

Is Shisha illegal in Thailand?

The ban was initially introduced in Thailand in 2014 for health reasons. Apart from cigarettes, electronic shishas, shisha smoking are also illegal. … This came into effect in November 2017 as a part of Thailand’s sustainable tourism efforts.

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Can you smoke shisha at home?

“Smoking hookahs (water pipes) at home can be terribly dangerous for the smoker, but perhaps more importantly, for children and other people living in the home,” Weitzman told Reuters Health by email.

Is smoking a shisha bad for you?

Cigarettes, bidi and shisha

Smoking increases your risk of cancer, heart disease and respiratory problems. This is true whether you smoke cigarettes, bidi (thin cigarettes of tobacco wrapped in brown tendu leaf) or shisha (also known as a waterpipe or hookah).

No. Hookah tobacco is not an illegal product in Canada, however flavoured tobacco is banned in some provinces in which hookah tobacco might fall under. … That being said, hookah tobacco is not a fully banned or illegal product but restrictions will apply based on what the provincial laws state throughout the country.

Is flavored hookah illegal?

The California bill bans the sale of menthol cigarettes and all flavored e-cigarettes statewide, as well as flavored non-cigarette tobacco products such as smokeless tobacco and some cigars. Unfortunately, it does contain several exemptions for hookah, premium cigars, and pipe tobacco.

Is Shisha illegal in Quebec?

The law in Quebec is strict when it comes to cigarettes and other tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes. The rules on smoking apply to electronic cigarettes, cigars and shisha. … The rules explained below also apply to electronic cigarettes and other tobacco products.

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