Are there sharks near Indonesia?

Short answer; Yes, there are sharks in Bali. There is a great deal of White Tip and Black Tip Reef Sharks around the reefs of Nusa Dua and Padang Bai, but they are pretty shy and no threat to humans.

Are there dangerous sharks in Indonesia?

Some of them might also show, that there is no real reason to be afraid of sharks. There are over 500 different kinds of sharks, but only four of them are considered dangerous to humans: Oceanic Whitetip Sharks, Bull Sharks, Tiger Sharks and Great White Sharks – none of these are found in Bali.

What sharks are near Indonesia?

Silky sharks

They are pelagic sharks, but are also found over deepwater reefs where their food source is abundant. Silky sharks are one of the most commonly caught sharks in Indonesia.

Are there great white sharks in Indonesia?

Great whites have never before been seen in Indonesia as they are a cold water species so it was a strange phenomenon,’ she claimed. … Great white sharks belong to the lamnid species – as do other large, fast-swimming variants like mackerel sharks.

Are there snakes in Bali Indonesia?

Yes, there are 35 species of snakes in Bali, but you will rarely encounter them unless you spend time in or near the forests, or hiking in the rice fields. … The king cobra, spitting cobra, red-tailed green rat snake, Malayan Krait, sea snake, and red-necked keelback are dangerous poisonous snakes.

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Is there a new species of shark that can walk on land?

Walking sharks might seem something straight out of a fiction movie, however, they are apparently a real thing. Researchers have discovered a few species of sharks that can ‘walk’ on their fins. The species of shark are the most recently evolved shark species on Earth, according to a new research.

What sharks are in the Java Sea?

The pigeye shark or Java shark (Carcharhinus amboinensis) is an uncommon species of requiem shark, in the family Carcharhinidae, found in the warm coastal waters of the eastern Atlantic and western Indo-Pacific.

Pigeye shark
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Carcharhinidae
Genus: Carcharhinus
Species: C. amboinensis

Are there sharks in Lombok?

Lombok’s fishermen have for many years caught a wide variety of sharks such as the legendary Hammerhead and White Tip Reef Sharks for food, and it is only recently that many have changed from catching them, to showing them to visitors in one of the few true eco-adventure tourism ventures on Lombok.

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