Monday Aug 10

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We could be Heroes...

 Hey Readers! I have been listening to 'Heroes' over the last few days. This song was written by David Bowie and Brian Eno back in 1977. It is arguably one of Bowie's most covered songs. It made me think. If we could be Heroes...just for one day, what would we do, and who would be want to be. So, this morning I tweeted: 

BruneiTweetPeeps, if you could be a superhero, WHO would you be and WHY. #Brunei #funfriday 8)

These were some of your answers. (If you can't see the YouTube video, click here.)

EmmaGoodEgg@BruneiTweet EmmaSuperGoodEgg: Ability to spread open-mindedness, tolerance & courtesy & zap away nonsense. I'd have an egg pod like Mork's.

Shely Lee@BruneiTweet I wanna be Ironman so I could shoot the boogieman hiding in my closet with my open palm ultra beam.

Afeefah Ahmad@BruneiTweet I would love to be Rogue from the X-Men as I would be able to absorb other people's abilities.

izamryan@BruneiTweet Sylar because then I'd have multiple powers. And being the anti-hero everyone loves to hate > the super-hero every1 needs.

Butter Salleh@BruneiTweet i wanna be... Invisible woman. so that i can be invisible among pple and help them wen in need. LOL

Angel Choo@BruneiTweet, i'd like to be Mystique (from X-Men), even though she is partly a villain. being a shape-shifter would be pretty great :)

Chester Keasberry@BruneiTweet I would wanna be a jedi. Probably Mace Windu or Obi Wan. Lightsabers are cool. And the Force. Yeah.

malek ali@BruneiTweet The Incredible Hulk because he is basically indestructible!

azree hjyunosI would be phoenix with her tremendous mind power! 8) #superhero #funfriday #Brunei

Edwin Koh@BruneiTweet i'd be superman cause i'm extraordinary.

Syahirah Yakob@BruneiTweet FLASH! I'll be able to "run" faster than anything else. I can even go anywhere I like, very fast, without anyone noticing. :D

mas shamimi@BruneiTweet i just wanna be myself because i am a hero!

Wafiy HM@BruneiTweet I want to be Awang Budiman bcoz he is #brunei sea game mascot

Kiyosyi AikoI Want to be Awg Semaun becoz he is a legend #Brunei

JAN SHIMI could tell you but I would have to kill you! 8-) RT @BruneiTweet: if you could be a superhero, WHO would you be and WHY. #funfriday 8)

Hazwan AzaniI'd be Batman so that I can slap Robin. @BruneiTweet

KeL Rz@BruneiTweet i'd be Buttercup from d Power Puff Girls bcoz she's green, tough & d Power Puff Girls always saves d day =D #funfriday

Daisy Abdullah@BruneiTweet I rather have a superpower than being a superhero. I want 2 be able 2 invisible so I could go anywhere without anyone noticing.

The Royal`s@BruneiTweet wt i cn think of right nw is Iron man! super 'big heart' guy that made nothing is impossible. n d suit is awesome! can fly too!

Amy Wong@BruneiTweet My mummy. She would take care of me when I'm sick, feed me when I'm hungry,etc. She's a superhero if not superwoman in my book.

Zulhilmi@BruneiTweet I would be Dr Xavier from the X-Men. People seem to think I can read minds. It will make my work easier as well

BruneiTweetI'd be Bob the Builder cos he likes building things. Yup, he's a #superhero.

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