Friday Sep 18

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Everybody wants to Rule the World

One of the best things about movies...are the pre-show trailers. Throughout most trailers, there is always some guy talking through the a deep and raspy voice, full of conviction...always talking about opposing elements: "In a World...where there is fire and ice...night and day...the rich and the poor...there are the Heroes, and then, there are the Villains..." Ahhhh yes, the Villains.
On 8th November 2010, Orchid Row blogged about The Villainess in All of Us, which led to a colourful tweet dialogue between Izam Ryan, Orchid Row and myself about villains...more specifically, super villains. Ever since my previous post about how We could be Heroes, I have been wanting to do something similar about Villains. So, I sent out this tweet on 12th November 2010: 

BruneiTweetTweeps, if U could be a SUPER-villain, who would you be & why. Tweet back by 9pm to be part of a #FUN post on 8)

Interestingly, there were more tweet responses about Villains than there were for Heroes. Perhaps, Mojo Jojo was on to something when he sang Everybody wants to Rule the World (click here if your browser does not support Flash).
Here are your responses...

Adee SyafieBlack MAMBA :D 

Orchid RowOoohh! I know who I'd wanna be! SEPHIROTH! becoz he's got gorgeous Vidal Sasoon hair and a cool theme song...or Sylar - good looking somemore!

EmmaGoodEggCatwoman: She purrrs & looks hot & thin in a leather catsuit. She must have considerable power as leather puts on pounds.

alison maxwellI would be a Star Sapphire - these villains kick obnoxious superhero butt & are able to fly using Violet Rings powered by love

Chester KeasberryDarth Vader. 'Nuff said...or Tetsuo from the anime Akira

Emy A. Raz(Y) RT @hanee504: MEGAMIND! because he's goddamn cuuuuuuute & hilarious!

Shahiboy#fun-friday I would be MUMRA the EVERLIVING from thundercats so I can shout EVERLIVING in deafening tones to all aroun me & get away with it

Jay M. JoharDoc Ock from Spider-Man :) eight limbs to multi-task = awesome

bellaamystique from X-men! shapeshifting would be awesome. no worries about weight gain or zits cos you can shapeshift them away! :D

Azizah RF Joker! "Why so serious?" and he always so evil genius and happy =D

Mohd. Nazreen HassanMoriarty from Arthur Doyle's Sherlock Holmes bcuz he's an evil mastermind (and I wish I have his scheming brain) LOL! :P

Bruneian Dollar: I wanna be Lex Luthor. His bald look looks cool. And he's rich. :P

Hung Pei Ling 洪佩玲Joker! cause the make-up is so COOOOOL ;)

Hisham HLLord Zedd because I want to crush children dream. Hahaha! 

izamryan: ...SYLAR because if his awesum powah. Or maybe Starkiller from TFU because of his awesum ... Powah ...

Yasmin Jamalif i were to be a s.villain i'll be like Joker bt with mafia & MI6 connection LOL

Emy A. RazIf i were a supervillian, i will be Dark Pheonix or Pyro from X-Men, cos they're fire element user...or Kira from Death Note 'cos he's super intelligent.

FakhrulRazisupervillain? Cartoon character cemana? Aku doraemon...or Mojo Jojo from Power Puff girls

Zul-Fadly Osman: ...I'll be that bad villainous mouse from Pinky and the Brain hahaha or Dr. Evil! Ah ah ah ah

Sarah Ghani: Joker. Eventho i'll be behind bars most of the time,but i can laugh my way through with funny evil schemes&make fun of Batman

BW: I would be Poison Ivy ! :-D cause i'll do anything to protect the environment including manipulation and elimination! HEHE!

The Royal`sSylar - resolute in a way. always desired to be "special", wicked

DiwiI wud b Cat Woman coz i alwez manage to crawl myself out of trouble hahaha

DayatFemale version of Damon Salvatore because he's hot and awesome

Angel ChooMystique (X-Men), can easily deceive people because i'm a shape shifter, therefore making me a great super villain!

Manisha DI'll go with Mystique. So I can become anyone and stay young forever! Haha.. Except for the part the walks around Nude lah!

Hazwan AzaniI wanna be the Joker just because I get to laugh maniacally any time I want.

HaswandiMagneto :) bwahahahaha or Sullivan of Heroes

Me? What do I think?

BruneiTweetI think villains are just misunderstood heroes.

BUT I also totally agree with @IzamRyan... 

izamryan: Villains get all the powah to use and abuse. But then heroes like optimus prime always come and save the day WTF

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