Monday Aug 10

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Twitter Tip: Google before you Tweet

I like helping people. There I said it. In fact, probably 80% of what I do as @BruneiTweet is to help people with retweets, i.e. repeating other people's tweets. People have asked for help to find things, places and other people (true story). People have also asked for help with spreading information about organised events, promotions, YouTube and blog links, and even hamsters for sale (also a true story).

"Help me help you" ~ Jerry Maguire to Rod Tidwell
The great thing about helping people is that it does not get old. However, I am also a firm believer in empowering help themselves and to help others. This is where Google (or whatever search engine you use) comes in. I am guessing that if people have access to Twitter, chances are they can also access Google from their mobile device or desktop. So, perhaps the next time you need general information about anything, check with Big Brother Google first. Don't get me wrong, I like helping you...but I also like helping you. 8)
Source: Joe Newton  
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