Monday Aug 10

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Twitter is a party, and you're invited!

Greetings Readers! This post is an excerpt from a guest blog post I did for @imaneesha. You can read the rest of it at Manisha's blog here.

...Think of Twitter as the birthday party – fun, happening, you have heard so much about it, more and more of your friends have invited you to come along, etc. Here are some recommendations for what to do, and what not to do at the party...

Listen before you speak

Party: You find the biggest crowd at the party. You are nervous. You don’t want to seem like the ‘odd one out’, so for some strange reason, you start talking about yourself...and only about yourself.

Awkward silence.

Twitter: If you are new on Twitter or if you are a business and want to engage someone or a specific ‘group’ on Twitter (e.g. #socialmedia), listen before joining the conversation. What are they talking about? Who are they listening to? Who are they talking to? What can you learn from them? When you feel it’s time to tweet some messages, share things that group of people would find interesting. When people start talking back, respond – just like in real life. If people are not talking back, maybe...just maybe, what you are sharing is not all that interesting or relevant.

Know your boundaries

Party: You are talking to someone. You both have been talking for a few minutes. You soon realize now you are the one doing all the talking. “Why isn’t he / she even looking at me? How rude...” you think to yourself. Funny – the other person is also thinking “how rude”.

Twitter: One of the great things about Twitter is that, unless someone has a protected account, you can follow and learn from people you don’t know, and probably may never ever meet in real life (e.g. celebrities, authors, singers, politicians, etc); i.e. a lot of times we follow strangers. Once you are in conversation with someone, read the signals, don’t become over-familiar (particularly with strangers), and know your boundaries. Did your common topic become ‘uncommon’? Did they stop tweeting back some 20 tweets ago? Oh no! Have they un-followed you?

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