Friday Sep 18

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A Funny Case Study

Hello again Readers! I started @BruneiTweet about 10 months ago, and it has been an incredible journey. There has not been a single day since 22nd December 2009 that I have not tweeted, and I am always looking for ways to improve the way I tweet and what I tweet about. I often look out for retweeted tweets to make a mental note about 'what works', and very often, they are the 'funny' ones - usually by, @kurapak. 8) 
One of the great things about the Bruneian twitterverse is that we are a very interactive bunch, and I wanted to get an idea of what made people laugh out, I sent out this tweet (*there were plenty more, but from protected accounts):

BruneiTweetWhat make you LOL? Will be putting up selected tweets on d webbie... #Brunei

These were some of the responses...

Amy Wong@BruneiTweet Funny videos or memes make me LOL.

Gillian Foo@BruneiTweet Watching my son's facial expressions as I feed him new food & my husband's lame jokes.

Nurnik Aidit@BruneiTweet My awesome friends make me LOL. I will never get tired of laughing!

Orchid RowWipeout! That show on AXN. Hilarious! RT @BruneiTweet: What make you LOL? #Brunei

Daisy Abdullah'Bebaibun' with me bad ass gurls @qryztal @nurulkhairizan, erne, hjh jun n jul RT @BruneiTweet: What make you LOL?

The point I am making is that people like light-hearted and funny tweets. A little wishy-washy you say? Well, let me zoom in on a fairly new Bruneian tweeter - @ThatsSoBrunei. His / her / their deep and meaningful bio reads "I'm a typical Bruneian and I do this." Going through their twitter timeline, they basically retweet 'funny' Bruneian sayings and jokes from others, thereby filling that niche. Here's an example:

So Bruneianby @PhawrBel - "lai, pajahkan lampu ah" pajah = 2tup

Here's the thing right...whatever "this" is, "this" is working. Have a look at their growth, keeping in mind that the account was started on 26th September 2010:
That's right. At time of writing, that account now has 1,226 followers on Twitter. Funny? I bet @ThatsSoBrunei thinks so.
In conclusion, perhaps @EmmaGoodEgg summed it up best when she Tumblr-ed:
Big Love!
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