Friday Sep 18

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Special #FollowFriday Shout Out

Tweeps, I sent out a few tweets a while ago saying "I'm doing a special feature on my webbie for all who RT this tweet. GO! #Brunei." Six hours later, over 80 of you RT'ed me. So, this one goes out to you...
...but before that, a little more about me, the guy behind @BruneiTweet. I started this Twitter account back in December 2009 with one thing in mind. To rediscover Brunei through your stories...via your tweets. All I do? I search for the #Brunei hash-tags on Twitter, and I basically retweet you...well, maybe with a comment or two. Heheh - I tend to use 8) alot too! (I wear glasses you see...) Anyway, a few months back, I realised that 140 characters was NO where near enough space to feature so many of your stories! Our Nation is blessed with so much talent, positivity and energy...and that's just on Twitter! So I figured I had to build a website to showcase your stories. And here we are today...about eight months since I sent out my first tweet.
Everyone has a Story. I stand by this. So far, I've featured Izam (who happens to be on this feature with his lovely wife Ummi! Hi guys!), Fae (who's currently based in the UK...her picture is here), Zul (of KaPOW Burger fame...who's picture is here too) and a few others. Their stories are under the Everyone has a Story tab. 8) I will do my best to bring you unique features about people like you and me, people who have stories to tell. On that note, if you have a story you would like to tell about Brunei, or have music, photography, recipes (hellooooo foodies!), etc...or if you're interested in being featured as a guest blogger like Orchid Row did, reach me here.  
Who knows. I may have to reveal myself one day.
Projek Brunei.
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