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The Brunei Art Forum Exhibition

Written by Delwin Keasberry Monday, 16 January 2012 18:08

Napoleon Bonaparte rightly said that "a picture is worth a thousand words." This is a simple truth. Imagine with me for a while. I would like to tell you about a double chocolate souffle. When prepared correctly, it has a subtle crunch on the top, a bitter-sweet cocoa after-taste and a devilishly gooey core. I could spell out the ingredients, tell you how yummy it is, I could even pretend to speak like Jamie Oliver for you if that's your fancy! Or, I could just show you a picture of if. Your mind fills in the blanks. Your imagination kicks into overdrive and you can somehow...already taste it. How much deeper the experience once you actually taste the double chocolate souffle for yourself.



Speaking about experiencing things for yourselves, three days ago I attended the launch of the Brunei Art Forum (BAF) exhibition at the Waterfront Art Gallery in Bandar Seri Begawan. According to the press release, the BAF exhibition is "a showcase of artwork by BAF members, and it is supported by the Brunei Museum Department...The Exhibition brings together approximately 90 pieces of artwork by more than 35 local artists from various disciplines. It is a celebration of the emerging local voices and expressions in art". The Waterfront Art Gallery is open to the public until February 2012 and visitors are "encouraged to step into the gallery, relax and explore the individual artwork, which includes batik, abstract art, portraits and installations."





Say No to Violence Against Women

Written by Delwin Keasberry Tuesday, 19 November 2013 10:55

I came across this video and had to share it.

[Note: This video will unsettle you.]

From the samuel-warde website: "Watching this public service announcement, created by Women’s Aid in the UK, was a jolt of hard reality. Please note there is trigger alert, in that this dramatization contains a very disturbing scene of violence that may bring up traumatic memories and feelings of past abuse. Though Keira is acting, millions of women are violently ‘taken’ by surprise like this everyday, and live in constant fear."

MV: Seven Years (cover by Azizi feat. Aadilah)

Written by Delwin Keasberry Monday, 13 March 2017 08:09

New music video from Azizi Sabri, featuring Aadilah.

The London Legacy Trip

Written by Delwin Keasberry Thursday, 17 October 2013 11:28

In September, I was in London for the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Sponsored Media Visit hosted by the Sporting Opportunities Unit at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. I was selected by the British High Commission in Brunei to represent Brunei and was involved in meetings across the 2nd to the 4th of September with key organisations involved in the building, planning, marketing and Legacy of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The trip included a tour around the Olympic Park and focused on the legacy of the Games across all angles. There were also other media representatives; from Singapore, Qatar, Russia, Argentina, Uruguay, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan and St Lucia.

Day One
We were coached to Stoke Mandeville Stadium where we met with Martin McElhatton, Chief Executive of Wheelpower and Ian Barham, Buckinghamshire Legacy Manager. The state-of-the-art Stadium is the national centre for disability sport and has become known as the ‘home of wheelchair sport’ and the ‘birthplace of the Paralympic Games’. 

Close by was Stoke Mandeville Hospital where we met with Sally Hills, CEO of Specialist Services. We were brought to the rehabilitation unit and saw first-hand physiotherapists and exercise specialists working with patients and athletes. Sally then elaborated about the vision of Dr Ludwig Guttmann, a neurologist at Stoke Mandeville Hospital whose work laid the foundations to disability sports.

Martin McElhatton, Chief Executive of Wheelpower

IMG 4436

IMG 4440

IMG 4446

Ian Barham and Sally Hills (left and second left respectively)

IMG 4448

IMG 4451

Photograph from Ian Barham's Twitter @IanBarham1


Following this, we met with representatives from the Global Infusion Group (GIG), a global catering, logistics and brand support company. They are a live event support specialist company and here we learned about the importance of dynamic logistics support.

We then visited Dorney Lake, the site which hosted the rowing and kayak events during the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. Constructed and privately-owned by Eton College, Dorney Lake is managed and operated by the registered charity Dorney Lake Trust. Ivor Llyod, Chief Executive of the Dorney Lake Trust shared the Lake’s history and about how the venue was still thriving 12 months post Games.

This was probably when the penny dropped in my mind regarding the notion of “Legacy”. Until then it had been a seemingly abstract word on the front of my program guide. “Olympic and Paralympic Legacy Media Visit” Up until that point, the preceding meetings had been niceties, showing the origins of the disability sports, the importance of holistic rehabilitation, and the need for nimble operations. Those elements were part of the bigger picture, but I now started processing the trip through different lenses. I started looking for what had happened since the London 2012 Games. In other words, what legacy did the Games leave behind? Was the economic groundswell in 2012 a temporary inflammation? Or was it more akin to something more long-lasting? I would spend the rest of the trip seeking to find out.

Ivor Llyod

IMG 4452

IMG 4458

IMG 4459

Get To Know DJ Kueymo and Sushiboy

Written by Shaun Lim Saturday, 28 January 2017 13:23


Editor's Note: The first time I met Kueymo and Sushiboy was at a function. I noticed their music first. "EDM? YES!" (I am a huge fan of EDM music.) And then I noticed them. Two fellas handling a setup of hardware, flicking tabs, tapping on buttons, head-bopping away to the bass, not once missing a beat.

You may not know them in person, but you may know their sound. They are on the radio every Saturday night on KFM, and they are on Mixcloud and iTunes. Read on and get to know the gentlemen behind KYSB, Kueymo and Sushiboy!

Tell us about yourselves.

Kueymo: Hey hey! we go by the name of Kueymo & Sushiboy, but you can call us Edmund & Riff. Both of us go way back to when we we're still kids studying in the same school and we just did everything together, from sports to shuffling and here we are now DJ-ing! Sushiboy was actually the first of us two to learn to DJ when he was in Australia furthering his studies, while I went to UK to play University Basketball.

Sushiboy: Yeah, I studied in Brisbane, Australia for 4 years, but I was already into Electronic Music before that but never had the chance to own a device. In Australia DJ-ing is a thing and the devices are everywhere, so I took the opportunity to get one to call my own and that became one of my many hobbies. Just messing around with the buttons & knobs and getting some tips from my good friend, DJ Rory who is now one of the best DJs in Brisbane. My other hobbies include trying out new food and going to gym after regretting eating too much.

Kueymo: I can relate as well, I love food! other than DJ-ing, I love to travel a lot even if it's just alone or for the weekend. I guess that's why I'm growing up a few shirt sizes. I also enjoy reading a good book and hitting the gym whenever I can.

How did your interest for music begin and when did you decide you wanted to be a DJ?

Kueymo: We've always had the love for music in general. But what really sparked our interest was when we were about 15 or 16, we were really passionate about shuffling. We would just shuffle on for hours at a time everyday losing track of time. I guess the songs just kept us going and the harder the better! We we're heavily influenced by Hardstyle DJ's from the likes of Headhunterz, Bass Agents, Bass Oscillators, NoiseControllers, Showtek and the list goes on.

Sushiboy: Yea, I remember those shuffling dance days, Hardstyle Music actually made me love Electronic Music more to be honest, and I still love Hard Music. I always wanted to be a DJ ever since I fell in love with Electronic Music, so I started off mixing tracks using Virtual DJ on my laptop. I only started advancing in Australia because as a university student there isn't much to do, so got myself a proper DJ Controller and learnt more tricks and getting more tips from there on.

Kueymo: I actually started DJ-ing on my Samsung phone roughly 2 years ago. The aim then was to replace the slow parts in a track with a much more hyped up tempo. It was a tricky process especially on a phone and eventually I decided to get a controller to get the basics in. Countless hours learning off youtube and with criticisms online, I started to get better at it.

Sushiboy: To be honest, I only wanted to go further when I discovered that my friend Edmund (Kueymo) had the same interest in DJ-ing. That's when the duo was formed.  I know going duo with a person that does all the craziest things with you is more fun than going solo. I've never regretted being in a duo with Kueymo, we both share the same goal, the same ideas and the same passion. A true definition of "Bromance" right here!

Kueymo: Us being DJ's was always about bringing the EDM culture in Brunei and move it away from the social stigma that comes with it. We started our radio show with the help of Kristal FM last September in an attempt to reach out to the local producers and DJ's to give them a platform for them to air their mixes, original productions and remixes. So far everyone has proven to be nothing short of amazing! You'd be amaze by how many talented individuals we have, some even making it big internationally in Australia, Malaysia and even Singapore!



How did you come up with the names "Kuey Mo" and "Sushi Boy"?

Kueymo: Well it's going to sound really childish but I was given this name when I was very young but basically a girl I liked gave me the name and it was escalated when her boyfriend came looking for me shortly after to show his dismay. I continued using the name just out of pure fun to annoy the boyfriend, but the name only stuck with me after I started uploading my shuffling videos on to Youtube.

Sushiboy: Many of my friends start calling me 'Sushi', especially my Bandar friends because of my love for sushi after my incredible discovery of the newly open Excapade Restaurant back then.



Share your earlier performing experiences and your most memorable one.

Sushiboy: Hmm, I guess the most memorable one in Brunei would have to be our performance at BpmFASS. We played festival vibe EDM to everyone, We were nervous at first because we don’t know how the crowd would react to this genre of music but WOW! they were enjoying the music, cheering and playing along with the tracks!

Kueymo: I'd have to say the same! BpmFASS would be the most memorable out of all our events. Talking about our earlier experience, we started off just playing house parties, sometimes with just 2 or 3 people during a BBQ but it didn't matter as we'd still put on a show with mashups and live remixes. I guess the saying goes that you won't be able to get big crowds until you're used to playing to an empty room.


KYSB Borgeous


Share with us about the 100 most influential young entrepreneurs 2016?

Kueymo: The 100 most influential young entrepreneurs 2016 was a superb event! It's organized by our friends at Entrepreneur Insight who heavily focuses on start ups and SME's. It was a great opportunity to connect with the many young entrepreneurs from across Malaysia and pick their brains on the subject. Hopefully we'll be able to apply it in our daily dealings. We obviously didn't win, we were mainly there to support our very good friends Leng Yein & Leng Sean AKA The Leng Sisters!

Sushiboy: It was a great experience to see our good friends claiming their spot in the Top100; they've been there for us since the very beginning, kind of like our role models. Similarly to being a duo, they've taught us a lot on what we needed to know in the business so it's a very good feeling to be able to be there for them as they receive their award.

IMG 5218


Do you have any upcoming projects?

Kueymo: For our radio show, we're always looking for new guest mixes from international DJ's that the audience wishes to connect with! We've scheduled quite a few of them into the first quarter of next year, but towards the end of the year, we've got something big planned! so make sure to keep connected to our instagram @KYSBofficial and stay tuned!

Sushiboy: Definitely 2017 is going to be big for us. I won't say only us but also the local producers that we are working with. One of our aim next year is to push the local producers further, to get them known better by collaborating with them, introducing their tracks to other international labels and maybe also get their tracks heard internationally! We want to bring 'The Family' up with us and basically bring Brunei EDM to new heights! Other upcoming projects for 2017 would be to perform in clubs and festivals in the region and of course we do not only prioritizes performing outside of Brunei but we are always looking forward to events in Brunei; special mention to BpmFass & TheCreativeCore BN. These are some of the people who show true passion in helping local talents. Much Love Friends! Big Ups!



Any words of encouragement to those interesting in being a DJ?

KYSB: Just get out there! Take every opportunity you can to share your work; one step at a time. If you have a friend that wants to learn to DJ or Produce, share your knowledge, learn together. There are always people who wants to listen to your work and we are always open to listen to any work! Do anything you can to improve, by any means necessary!


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