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Snap Shots

Written by Delwin Keasberry Tuesday, 14 June 2011 15:08

154191_10150341495700368_557240367_16063229_7436296_nEditor's Note: Meet Hassnal Adam Sulaiman, a.k.a. @AdamSnaps. Adam, a Brunei based photographer, has been practising his craft since 2008. I met him previously at a wedding model shoot and he told me that he has never gone for any photography courses and that he is "pretty much self taught...through the internet, YouTube and Magazines". Adam is participating in the Art Takes London competition, and is also one of the official photographers of the International Wedding Showcase 2011. Check out more of his work here.

Here's Adam.

Written by Delwin Keasberry Sunday, 01 May 2011 20:08
Greetings Readers! Happy 1st of May 2011! I am currently still in Kuala Lumpur, but will be back in Brunei within the week. I am working on a few things, one of them being a blog revamp. We are playing around with a few ideas about how to make this space more you.
This is one of the ideas - to add a photography section, taken from photography networking sites, in this case, from Instagram. (Don't worry, I have not hacked into anyone's account! These pictures are taken from the public Instagram stream, all of them tagged 'Brunei'. Instagram make these pictures publicly available by default. You can change the privacy setting on the app.)
What do you think? Neat? Unnecessary? Silly? Cool?  
Written by Delwin Keasberry Saturday, 05 February 2011 09:36

Editor's Note: Meet Ezra Pilpus, a.k.a. @Ezra_Pilpus. Ezra has been an independent photographer in Brunei since 2009, he describes his work as minimalistic, and says he is influenced by old-school photographers like Henri-Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston, Ansel Adams and Alec Soth. Check out Ezra's website and Flickr albums to appreciate more if his work. If you are keen to participate in small-group portraiture workshops or if you are looking for someone to work Photoshop magic for photograph editing, reach Ezra via email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Written by Delwin Keasberry Monday, 24 January 2011 21:25

Editor's Note: Meet Ahmad Wajidi, a.k.a. @gd14live. I got to know Ahmad through Twitter and found out that he's a freelance web designer, a graphic designer and a photographer. Check out the rest of Ahmad's portfolio here; his designs and photographs speak for themselves. If you are interested in engaging his craft, you can reach him via his website - www.ahmadwajidi.comAs with the previous Snap Shots, get to know him a bit better, and check out more of his work below (click on the thumbnails). 

 p.s. If you are a local or Brunei-based designer, artist, photographer, painter, etc - I would love to check out your work. Point me to it here. 8)

 Here's Ahmad.


Written by Delwin Keasberry Thursday, 14 October 2010 21:16

Editor's Note: Meet Wirdy Hamidy (a.k.a. @Jidah), but before I go on, I have a confession to make. I discovered Wirdy's work back in February 2010 on, and it was then that the thought of starting a website to showcase local talent first crossed my mind. So for me, this is an extra special feature as it has taken me eight months to finally feature it! For those unfamiliar with, it is the go-to site to for the latest trends and for clues about the next big thing. The site was launched in 2005, and by 2009 it was already enjoying 8,000,000 views per I guess you could say it is a pretty popular website. You can appreciate more of her portfolio on the Behance Network, on her Facebook, and of course, on her website.


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