Friday Sep 18

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Meet the other 'Your Brunei' Twitter contest judges.

I recently hosted a Twitter contest where tweeps were invited to take and tweet back photographs to the theme 'Your Brunei'. Between June 6, 2010 and June 10, 2010, over 115 photographs were submitted -  ranging from events, places, family and friends, and of course, food. I have engaged four guest judges to help in selecting winning photographs. I’ve previously introduced the MicBandits - now, meet @SuperAdrianMe, @RDZMusic and @MalaysiaAsia.

In case you missed it, read about the MicBandits here.

 @SuperAdrianMe is a marketing professional with over 13 years of experience  from multi-national companies such as StarHub, HSBC, Citibank and Visa.  Adrian is based in Singapore, and is currently into marketing, events, PR and  social media. In the social media arena, was officially  formed in February 2010 featuring lifestyle, events, food and beverage, travels,  sports and marketing brands. The site has grown to over 15000 views in less  than 6 months. The last time Adrian was in Brunei was in 2003. Check out his  site, and follow him on Twitter - @SuperAdrianMe.




 RDZ, pronounced Arr Dee Zee, is a Malaysian Businessman, Music  Producer and Hip Hop Artist. Born in Kuching, RDZ is the founder of  MAKE Records, a publishing and recording company. RDZ will be  releasing his debut album 'Illumination' in the first half of next year, and  “We Can’t Stop” was the first released single from the album. “We Can’t  Stop” by RDZ features Steck & Asyraf Hardy, and reached No. 1 on  Sarawak's radio station, Cats FM on May 8, 2010. Read more about RDZ  on Shiok and on the Malaysian Hip Hop blog, and on Twitter -  @RDZMusic. Shout out as well to @AnabelleAli for helping connect me to RDZ!



 David Hogan Jr is one of the featured blog writers in the Lonely Planet Website.  He was selected via one of the Lonely Planet teams and hand picked to be  featured on their website under 'Blogs We Like', i.e. any article he writes is  featured on the Lonely Planet site, under 'Blogs We Like'. David is also a ‘travel  tip author’ for a very popular site that has reviews of various places around the  world -, which focuses on tips and information by travellers.  Articles featured there are re-tweeted on Twitter by @TravelDudes who has a  following of 30,000+. David travels a lot, and his writings are centric to South  East Asia. Make sure you check out his website, and follow him on Twitter -  @MalaysiaAsiap.s. David has never been to Brunei.


Editor’s Note: So there you have it - four very different judges from unique backgrounds. The winning photographs from the ‘YourBrunei’ Twitter contest will be revealed soon. In total, 10 limited edition @BruneiTweet t-shirts will be awarded to the tweeps behind the winning photographs; each judge selected two pictures each…and two more were selected by yours truly. All the best!
Brunei, Stand Up! 
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