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Meet Sarah - she plays the ukelele because the guitar is too big for her.

What do you do?

I was an A-level student studying Math, Further Math and Photography in Ashbourne Independent Sixth Form College in the UK. I am currently in Brunei, but will soon be headed to Birmingham, UK for studies at Aston University in Birmingham, UK. 

Describe yourself in three words.

Unpredictable Little Kitty. Yes, I am short and I love cats! :3

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Kuala Belait...then we moved to Bandar for two years. Then, I lived in London for two years straight without going back to Brunei. A tough life? Maybe so.

Your YouTube profile reads “A Bruneian. Everyone's little sister...I play Makala Soprano-C ukulele because the guitar is too big”. A ukelele?! Tell me more!

Yes I am on YouTube. You've found me! Haha. I bought my ukulele in September 2009 and have been playing it ever since. At first, I wanted to buy an acoustic guitar. However, the guitar is a popular instrument and a lot of people own one...and besides, the guitar is too big for me. So I wanted to find something unique that people rarely see. With the power of Youtube, I was inspired by AJ Rafael, who not only owns a guitar but also a piano and UKULELE. In one of his videos, he played his original song, “I Just Want You" with his ukulele and it became a hit! So after that, I set up my mind to buy myself a ukulele. Plus, it’s cheaper than a guitar! Honestly, I am still a novice and I have a lot more to learn with my uke. I play songs with easy chords, and overall, I just play it for fun for the sake of my subberinos on Youtube. :3

Editor's Note: If the videos don't load up for you, click on the words in black. 8)

Sarah singing Zee Avi's Kantoi. 


This is a Sarah original, Your Piercing.


Sarah singin' a song for her friend, Lulu. 


Sarah having a little fun. (listen out for the cameos around the 0.40 minute and 1.15 minute marks.) 

Name a few of artists that inspire you, and why.

AJ Rafael. He is a very talented musician and he inspired me when I first I got my uke. He has tried for American Idol twice but has not gotten in. But now, he's famous on YouTube and in the USA. 

Zee Avi. The first female that I look up to in feminine music...AND she plays the ukulele! Her singing voice is charmingly beautiful, and different from typical Malaysian singers (no offense).

Justin Nozuka. Once you hear his music, you will be blown away. I went to his gig once in London near my college - he described how he enjoys writing dark songs and makes up the melody as a vehicle to the written lyrics to create stories. He inspires me to write my own songs.

Recommend a few other Bruneians for us to check out on YouTube.

Safwan has a voice that can mesmerize you. You will have no regrets in checking him out. 

She made me believe nothing is impossible. She is called Lulu and her voice is very unique.

I have only known him for a few months but it's like we are best friends already! People called him Waiz but I call him Pancakes because he loves pancakes. He has dedicated his heart to music. Seeing his videos, I can see the passion he has for the songs he plays.

Aizzul is my junior, my friend, my MUFFIN! He bought a ukulele because of me. We have done some cover songs together and they were fun; he plays both guitar and ukulele.


Name your favourite restaurant, and which dish do you recommend?

In London, I recommend Noodle Oodle in Bayswater. It's cheap, halal and they have duck! Well if you wanna try something new, go with the roasted duck. I have not tasted ALL the dishes in Brunei yet...but I had a delicious kolo mee in a restaurant in Serusop...I think it's called Loi Fatt.

Where would you bring tourists to in Brunei, and why.

Some of my friends from the UK are thinking of going to Brunei for a holiday. If they do come, I am going to bring them to Kampong Ayer, just to let them view the sights and maybe interview the people there. I am sure they won't mind, right? I would also bring them to the Royal Regalia Museum to see the royal antiques. Then, we would go to Taman Rekreasi Hutan Berakas just to be close to nature. OGDC in Seria is not to be missed too!

What do you hope to achieve in three years' time?

I hope to sharpen my ukulele skills and improve my studies so that I can do my masters overseas. Also, I would like to gain friends from all over the world. I have made friends with Filipinos who lived in Italy, Canada, Texas and Los Angeles. I have best friends in Hertfordshire, UK and I have loads of friends in Brunei.

Sarah wrote this about the following video - 'with my pure imagination, I pretended to be a dinosaur...only smaller.' Love it!


Editor's Note: I 'discovered' Sarah Abdul Ghani on YouTube one fine day, and wow...I find this girl is so quirky-cool! I had loads of fun writing up this feature, and Sarah's story again reminded me of how very unique everyone's Bruneian journey is. Make sure you check out the rest of her videos on YouTube here, read more about her on Tumblr, and of course, follow her on Twitter - @SarahWaffles. If you have music videos (or know someone who does) and would like to share it through Projek Brunei, reach me here
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