Sunday Aug 09

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Life before Facebook

Greetings Readers! Wow, what a day it has been on the Bruneian twitterverse! I won't go into details, but discussions about Facebook took centre stage. Yea, good ol' Facebook. It got me thinking - What would life be without Facebook? I also asked myself - What was life like before Facebook? (Note: if you have no idea what I am talking about, bring yourself up to speed with these fresh posts by @RanoAdidas@Marul69@SnrPablo and @My7thlife) 

What was life like before Facebook? 

I wanted to know what the rest of you thought, so I sent out the following tweet: 

BruneiTweet: Tweeps, complete this sentence "Before there was Facebook, I..."

Here are some of your responses:

Joyce996: I never remembered people's birthdays.

Mujahidjohar: Before there was Facebook, I used a personal blog to update people with my 'status'.

Jadesimian: Before there was Facebook, I didn't have 200 friends I never talked to.

You can read through the rest below (there were over 50 responses!):

For me, I wrote letters and sent out birthday cards more, I used photo-albums, I caught up with 'older' friends more, "Let's catch up" actually meant "Let's catch up", I found out about break-ups through word-of-mouth, I poked people a lot less, etc.

Hmm, life was not all that bad actually. Let us not forget that.

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