Friday Sep 18

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It's not everyday you get a Tweet from CNN

Hey Readers! I have been getting a lot of questions about how the iReport for CNN came to be. For those not yet familiar with the iReport, it is the user generated section of CNN, where people submit articles, photographs, audio and / or video of things happening from their corner of the world. I found out about the iReport back in June 2010, and in July 2010 I 'signed up' - no profile info, just an email address for their activation code. Submitting an iReport has been on my list of to-do's since then, but I just had not gotten around to it.
And then, on the morning of 15th September 2010, I received the following tweet: 

CNN iReportHi @BruneiTweet, CNN iReport is looking for stories from every country in the world and we'd like to hear from Brunei. #globalchallenge - 15th September 2010

My initial reaction was a mixture of happiness and nervousness (among other things!)...I mean, it's not everyday you get a Tweet from CNN (!). I responded:

BruneiTweet@cnnireport Brilliant! I'm in. 8) - 15th September 2010

And then they responded:

CNN iReport@BruneiTweet That's great. Here's link to our site, so you can share your images and tell your friends - 15th September 2010

I had a think about it overnight, and decided to engage all of you to partner with me on it.
On 16th September 2010, you may recall I sent out this tweet in the morning: 

BruneiTweetTweeps, I'm doing a mini-projek, and I need your help. If you wanna take part, get your camera phones ready! #Brunei - 16th September 2010

My idea was to compile a simple pictorial of what "A Day in the Life of a Bruneian" looked like. After about 9 hours, over 80 pictures were tweeted through from over 20 Bruneian tweeters. The pictures were primarily from Brunei, but Bruneian tweeters from Singapore, Australia and the UK also sent some through!
AND THEN (still the 16th September 2010) I received this tweet:

CNN iReport@BruneiTweet Have you sent in your iReport yet? We're waiting for you! #globalchallenge - 16th September 2010

To which I responded: 

BruneiTweet@cnnireport I will submit it soon. I'm getting a whole bunch of locals involved in it too. It will be worth the wait. Watch out for it! 8) - 16th September 2010

The iReports (there are 3 parts) were finally submitted on 18th September 2010.
To top it all off, Mr RA graciously made mention of it as well on on 18th September 2010.
Some lessons learnt from this experience:
1. Blogging and / or tweeting comes with responsibility.
2. You never know who is checking out your website, or reading through your tweets / blog.
3. Give people more time to plan and prepare for future projeks, and more detail about the purpose behind these projeks.
4. It is okay to tell people to wait, even if it is CNN.
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