Sunday Sep 23

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Here are the winning 'Your Brunei' photographs!

Finally, the wait is over! Four special guest judges have helped in selecting the winning photographs from the recent 'Your BruneiTwitter contest, where tweeps were invited to tweet back photographs to the theme 'Your Brunei'. *drum-roll please!*


@SuperAdrianMe is a marketing professional with over 13 years of experience  from multi-national companies such as StarHub, HSBC, Citibank and Visa.  Adrian is based in Singapore, and runs Read about him more here. These are his selections.
 By @Emmaanas
Note by @SuperAdrianMe: I like this picture because it shows the people in tudongs and the architecture of the stadium...and mass participation by the people.
Note by @SuperAdrianMe: I picked this because I see friendships and happiness. I interpret that the person who took this is trying to say that my Brunei is me and my friends.

@RDZMusic - RDZ, pronounced Arr Dee Zee, is a Malaysian Businessman, Music  Producer and Hip Hop Artist. Born in Kuching, RDZ is the founder of  MAKE Records, a publishing and recording company. Check out his single “We Can’t Stop” and read more about him here. These are his selections. 
Note by @RDZMusic: The Costa Romantica cruise started in 1993 and is still going strong...the framing technique of the picture is...excellent. 
Note by @RDZMusic: The mosque captures the essence of Brunei as a country.

@MalaysiaAsia - David Hogan Jr is one of the featured blog writers in the Lonely Planet and a ‘travel tip author’ for You are read more about him here. These are his selections.
 By @Zym1710
Note by @MalaysiaAsia: Even though this was captured inside a car, I like the single brake light against the sunset.
Note by@MalaysiaAsia: The candid moment was perfect, expressions were great and the composure was very nice!

The Bruneian @MicBandits grouped up in 2006, consisting of Zed Peace, The Kro, and Khaos. In 2009, they were signed up by Kartel Records, and their next album - Mahkota, will be their first international release. The picture up top is of the fellas donning the limited edition @BruneiTweet t-shirt. You can read more about the Bandits here. These are their selections.
Note by 


: We find it necessary to reflect back on things to be more appreciative; the ups and downs are what shapes you. What better way to do it than at a serene and tranquil place?
By @Emmaanas (Yes, two of her photographs were selected by the judges!)
Note by 


: We agreed that this represented the foundation of a Bruneian; family. Anyone will remember the many times they've spent at the beach with their families and friends...a true Bruneian getaway.

Last but not least, yours truly has selected the following photographs.
 By @Adeebz
Editor's Note: Asides from the brilliant photography, this photograph is inspiring to me because it reminds me that Brunei has much to offer the rest of the world.

 By @Mmmj
Editor's Note: Kampung Ayer - where our Nation's history meets tomorrow's hopes and dreams. 
Editor's Note: Everyone has a story. The rich colours reminds me of this.

So there you go! Congratulations to @Emmaanas@OrchidRow@Mmmj@Farahanas@YasminxJamal@SadieeHadi@Adeebz@Zym1710@Jadesimian and @Jaydensia. Thank you to everyone else who participated in this projek - you've helped play a part in helping the rest of the world see this place they call the Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures through your eyes. Stay tuned for the next projek - Big Love!
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