Monday May 21

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Happy Anniversary!

Greetings Readers! Happy Anniversary! Today is 22nd December 2010, and I have officially been @BruneiTweet for one whole year. I keep telling people that I started this account on 22nd December 2009, but Twitter has it on record that the correct date is 21st December 2009. Reason being this - I was in Adelaide, South Australia when I launched it...and my guess it that Twitter records sign-ups in a different time-zone.

This blog post is dedicated to you committed ones. What I mean is that there are casual tweeters and readers who read tweets and blog posts as a one off a one night Stan(d). And then, there are you committed ones. You are in this for the long haul. You see the bigger picture. You are in this for better for worse, through the CNN iReports and the lousy posts. This post is for you.

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Here are some facts from the journey so far...

1st 10 tweeps I followed according to @Gotbaked, @Kenkenamin, @JennyMalaiAli, @UmmiAbdullah, @IzamRyan, @Zulfadly, @Syairazi, @Ariftajudin, @Maurina and @Sheena308

1st 5 tweeps that followed me according to @Izamryan, @Hanahtweeted, @FredFakeFangs, @Aikaaa_ and @Aainaanabilah

1st tweet I ever sent out (the profile picture was different from the one below though!):

BruneiTweet: Greetings! Let me help you promote local events, promos, gigs, art, blogs, products, etc through social media #Brunei 

1st tweet I 'favourite-d' (on 30th December 2009):

BruneiNews: Economic diversification should be top priority

Tweeps I have retweeted the most across the last year according to @Zulfadly, @Icys, @Marul69, @RanoAdidas, @IzadMajid, @Kurapak, @Mddhani, @SnrPablo, @Imaneesha and @Aainaanabilah

Date of my reveal: 26th October 2010 

The list goes on and on and on.

There are just eight days left until the new year, and I can only imagine what the second year anniversary blog post will look like. In fact, I am already imagining it. In fact, I am going to throw a 2nd year anniversary party! So until then, allow me to be a little mushy here and thank you for your support, for allowing me to learn with you and from you, for coming along on this journey with me - a journey where I have rediscovered a lot about Brunei through your eyes, your stories, your music, your art and your photography.

Bring on 2011.

Big Love and Stay Awesome! 

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