Wednesday Jul 15

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Checking In

  Source: Agent-X
22nd December 2010 will mark a year since I started this Twitter journey of mine. One of the things I (you would have too) have noticed through the last year is that geosocial networking activities have increased. The idea is that you use location based social mobile applications such as Gowalla, foursquare, or the recently launched Facebook Places to check-in at...well, places. You then have a choice of pairing up with your existing Twitter or Facebook account to, essentially, tell people where you are. 
Simple enough.
However, just some advise for newbie geolocation-ers. If you do have some sort of a *secret place you would rather remain a secret, checking in may not be the best idea. Take it from Batman himself.
So, whether you are passing through the Brunei International Airport or you are the Mayor of Thann Sanctuary Spa, check-in wisely and enjoy the rest of your 2010!
*Secret places may include places like your home, childcare facilities, your friend's home, etc. Some places are best left a secret.
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