Wednesday Jul 15

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Case Study: How social are we?

Social Media intrigues me. The exchange of user-generated content through a few clicks, touches and swipes through Web 2.0 technologies simply holds my attention. Rob Angeles had me on the edge of my seat at the B2.0 when he spoke about Social Media, following which I wrote down the following question: "How social are we?"

I flipped through my moleskine over the weekend, read the question again, and started digging for raw data.

This is what I found.

Keyword search of 'Brunei Darussalam' on MySpace: 

153,000 results under MySpace

Keyword searches on YouTube: 

Brunei - 5,280 results

(Highest rated videos: Concert performances by Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson in 1996)

Brunei Darussalam - 1,640 results

(Highest rated videos: Silat Suffian and Michael Jackson dance tribute)

Keyword searches on Digg: 

Brunei - 850 results

Brunei Darussalam: 115 results

Keyword searches on Delicious: 

Brunei: 1,897 bookmarks

Brunei Darussalam: 198 bookmarks 

Keyword searches on Tweetmeme:

Brunei: 843 links

Brunei Darussalam: 75 links

Keyword searches on Gowalla:

Brunei: 103 Places

Brunei Darussalam: 21 Places 

Most check-ins: Times Square Brunei (219 check-ins)

Most people: Brunei International Airport (172 people)

Keyword searches on Facebook:

Brunei: 515 Pages, 562 Groups

Brunei Darussalam: 430 Pages, 420 Groups

Most popular Page: Brunei FM with 29,498 'likes'  

These results are of course inconclusive because not everything Bruneian is tagged under 'Brunei' or 'Brunei Darussalam', but these figures at least tell us that we are Web 2.0 engaged.

By the way, Rob also shared the following Flash created by Gary Hayes about the growth of Social Media in real-time; the B2.0 conference hall went reaaaaal quiet for a few moments.

{easyflash movie:images/stories/videos/socmedcounter.swf id:container2 width:600 height:650}

(click here for non-Flash browsers)

Social Media intrigues me, and I just wrote down another question:

"Now what?"  

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