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Get To Know NQB, A Local Breakdance Crew


Editor's Note: In this feature, we highlight the NQB group. To find out more about them, and to follow their journey, connect with them on Facebook.

Tell us about NQB?
NQB stands for "Never Quit Bboy" We met each other during our highschool days and some of us are cousins. We started to dance during break time in school but most of the time we practiced at our house. From there we decided to create our own dance team and Ehsan Issa a.k.a Bboy Chaos as our leader.

We are like a big family, we treat each other equally, gain knowledge of dance through the dance scenes around us locally and also foreign and that is one of the great experiences about dancing. We also do other dance genre such as Street Dance, Hip-Hop, Pop & Locking but Breakdance (Bboy) will still be our foundation of dancing. We get inspiration from other dancers, movies such as  "You Got Served", "Stomp The Yard","Step Up","Battle Of The Years" and also from Youtube. From there we learn, teach and practice together. Our dream is to be one of the most successful bboy crews around the world.

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The difference between NQB and other dance team in Brunei is our style of performance, we add creative movement with comedy to make our performances more interesting. NQB Crew is also a part of Community of Dance, Bruhooders and Morning Fresh Crew.

How do you balance work life and dance?

Some members of NQB come from all different backgrounds. Some of us are used to practicing 2-4 days a week and others practice whenever they have the time. We agree to discipline ourselves by getting our work done first before dance and so far everything is great for us. Some of us are still studying in college and university.

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Share some of the highlights from your journey to date.

NQB were involved with Relentless Entertainment Dancers back in 2009-2014 and this year, a first time collaboration with The Creative Core BN to organize DANCERSMEET ‘16 Dance Competition and Showcase in Brunei Darussalam, support By Fitness Zone and D'Music Motion Studio.

In 2011, we performed for Prince Azim at Pusat Belia, BSB. Some of our other performances include Brufit Expo Event 2015, School Carnivals, private events such as Chinese Wedding, DST Anniversary, Bank Baiduri Gala night, etc. In 2015, NQB was awarded the best perfomer at Malam Pentas Belia Kelolaan JBS Tutong in conjunction of His Majesty’s 69th Birthday Celebration 2015 for Tutong District.

We have been invited by local singers for a music video production such as Jazz Hassan, Udi Luqman featuring Remmy and for the Youtube short film "HisStory" by The Nostrils Production.

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What do you think of the local dance scene?

We love our local dance scene. There are alot of very talented dancers that people haven't heard of or seen yet. Some of them have been joining competitions outside Brunei and we are really proud of our local dancers for pursuing their passion.

What would you like to see more done locally?
We would like to see more dance competitions to be done. Also to expose the younger generations to dance by doing our part for the community not only by educating, but also by being a positive role model.

Any future plans for NQB?
We would like to set up a dance studio where people could get together, get inspired and be a place of learning.We want to give others the opportunity for a healthy lifestyle and achieve your goal in  the area of dance. Another would be to travel together for dance, as we mentioned earlier, our dream is to be one of the most successful bboy dance crews around the world. If we have our own children, we'll teach them to dance as NQB's next generation. Our mission is to touch lives, make new friends and experience the beauty in this world through dance and travel. In near future we would like to organize our own dance event or competition for local dancers.

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Any words of encouragement for those who wants to start breakdancing?

Start from the bottom, watch, learn and get to know more about breakdancing. Believe in yourself even if no one believes in you and if someone tells you that you are not good. Keep going at it and share with others.



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