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Meet Nicky, female geek as featured on The Huffington Post

255118_193059047411336_100001217256058_583043_8019346_nNicky, what do you do?
Right now, I am a student based in Mumbai, India. I am studying animation and VFX. Ever since I was a kid, I have been interested in drawing, sketching and painting. It comes in handy while learning animation :) I hope to work for Disney or Pixar someday. I am also a trained singer. =)

Describe yourself in a few words.

Positive. Funny. Creative. Hardworking. Friendly. Adventurous.

 Have you ever been to Brunei Darussalam, and how did you find out about my country?
Of course, I have heard of Brunei Darussalam. I have not been there yet, but I really hope I can visit someday! I first came to know about Brunei from the internet - I wiki-ed it. It is a beautiful country!

You have a long and strong list of online credentials and achievements, and you have a keen interest in Twitter. When was your first tweet and do you remember what your 140 characters was about?
Thanks! My first tweet was sent on 19th December 2009.  Since I was completely clueless about Twitter at that time, I think I sent my first tweet saying “Trying out twitter, wooooot!” Haha!

What has been the highlight of your online journey to date?

Luckily, there have been many highlights of my journey so far. I have been fortunate to be mentioned in The Huffington Post as one of the female geeks and being the youngest of all the wonderful women in the list, it is really an honor. I’ve also been listed as one of the Top 75 Badass women on Twitter and one of the Top 64 bloggers in India, which are great milestones for me.

Screen shot from The Huffington Post - "Rise of the Female Geek"


What is your definition of 'Social Media'?
According to me, Social media is like travelling the world without moving an inch!

What previously closed doors are now open to you because of Social Media?

Oh too many! Firstly, if I was not on social media I do not think I would be able to connect with a great blogger from Seattle, a fantastic entrepreneur from Canada, a hiker from the UK and so many more awesome people from all over the world. I learn something new every day because of social media. Secondly, my writing gets more exposure. Social media definitely helps you get noticed more, grows your audience and widens your scope for opportunities.

Nicky with a few loved ones


What would you say to a person / business that does not have a Twitter account?

To a business, I would say that an *active* Twitter account is a great way to maintain a good relationship with your customers. It will help you receive feedback about your product and hence you can respond to them better. You will know what your customers like and what they do not like – in real time. It also helps in building goodwill about your company.

To a person – I would say Twitter is fun! Twitter can be a source of inspiration, learning and happiness, a way of connecting with people, a way of de-stressing yourself, and it is incredibly useful too. If you are not on Twitter, you are missing out!

How would you respond to someone who says   "Twitter? I have better things to do than read about what someone else is reading!"
I get this a lot actually. “I don’t want to know what people are eating for breakfast.” I want to tell them – that is a totally wrong idea of Twitter you have! Of course, people *do* tweet about what food they are eating, what places they are visiting etc, but Twitter is so much more than that.

I believe Twitter is more about connecting and engaging. There are people from various fields and interests on twitter – artists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, photographers, authors, publishers, designers, tech enthusiasts, and lots more! Twitter can be a resource if you use it well. You can ask questions and get instant response. News spreads on twitter faster than any other medium. Twitter is constantly updating. It’s like a treasure chest of information and you own the key!

Who are your online inspirations and why?
My inspirations in terms of writing and blogging are Diana Adams (@adamsconsulting) and Misty Belardo (@mistygirlph). I love reading their articles and they are awesome ladies too! Also, @2morrowknight and @pramitjnathan are like my social media mentors, because they exactly know what social media is all about – sharing and connections!

Nicky at a tweet-up with social media mentor @pramitjnathan


Recommend two people for us to follow on Twitter.
Only two? That is very difficult, because there are way too many amazing people out there...but for great content, I would recommend @Flipbooks and @2morrowknight because they are just great people!

Would you rather be a Super Heroine or a Super Villainess? What powers would you possess?

I would be a Super Heroine. Ooh I would like to have power to control time – replay, pause, fast forward! Also telekinesis, mindreading and of course teleporting and flying! That’s a lot of super powers, I know. LOL.

Screen shot from - "Twitter's Top 75 Badass Women"


Complete this sentence.   "In three years' time, I...."
...I want to be super successful, famous and happy – and I am ready to work hard for it! :D


Editor's Note: The quote "Think Globally, Act Locally" has always intrigued me. It is one of those quotes which challenges a person to have bigger perspectives, bolder motives, brighter ideas. As such, I wanted the first feature following Projek Brunei's 1st year anniversary to be an international one. I could not resist writing about something Social Media related as well...with a focus on Twitter (of course). One of the great things about Twitter is that it makes the word "global" somewhat easier to understand. It connects strangers, it connects people. It connected me to Nicky.

Nicky has written many great articles about Social Media, with her work listed among the "Top 10 articles about Twitter". She is featured in the "Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter" on, and she is the youngest female geek listed on the She is based in Mumbai, India and she is behind the famous tweet "Social media is like travelling the world without moving an inch!" And oh, I should mention as well that Nicky is just 18 years old. Follow her on Twitter - @rocksstar10.

Perhaps like many people, Nicky has never visited Brunei Darussalam but has heard and read about Brunei from articles on the Internet. Perhaps for many people, this article is the first time you have heard about Brunei Darussalam. If so, I welcome you to have a look around my blog, to discover things about Brunei Darussalam through the many stories, photographs, art and music of the discover something for the first time about my country.

"Think Globally, Act Locally"

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