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Meet John Rey, the guy behind Meditation of the Asian Bimbo

What do you do?

I work for a private Management and Consultancy Firm in Brunei Darussalam. Given the nature of my blog and how much ridiculousness I have written, you would think that I am pulling your leg. But really, that is where I work. Plus I am a full time bimbo. So you can see that my plate is always full. 

Describe yourself in a few words.

*eyes blinking, data overload*

I would not be the best person to ask on this matter. Everyone sees themselves in the worst light just to underscore what people perceive of them. It is like underselling to avoid high hopes. With that said, I am describing myself as "THE BEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME!" *grins*

Well, honestly, the best way to describe me would be "a swirling blob of contradiction". What I have noticed is that I am a different person to different people. For instance, anything you would like to know regarding management systems and standards, I could answer that in a breath, and yet I would book a flight to Thailand even though I have been meaning to go to Jakarta. That is just the tip of the iceberg really. There is always two sides of the coin when it comes dealing with me so I guess I am interesting that way. 

Sidenote: I just realised that you asked me to describe myself in a few words...major fail!

Rumour has it that you are a model. True or False?

No comment. *pushes designer sunnies higher above his perfectly shaped nose, clenches his chiselled jaw line and smizes while looking into oblivion* 

Kidding aside, I would not really call myself a model. I have done some "modelling stuff" here and there and it is all because of this candid photo a friendof mine took. Since then, I have been asked here and there. The biggest thing that I have done was a commercial which I blogged about here.

I will only call myself a model if I get a humungous billboard somewhere and people get into accidents from staring at my photo. LOL!!!


Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity?

I AM THE CELEBRITY  I am never mistaken for anyone because I am the most recognisable thing on earth even from to the Great Wall of China. =) I have heard Jim Carrey most of the time and frankly, I do not see the resemblance...except that we both have big mouths.   

How long have you been in Brunei and how has your stay here been? 

I graduated school on time (which is a first in our clan...who knew huh?) and I was in the same town for the first twenty years of my life. I decided that if I were to get a job, I would get a job in the city, which in my mind meant Manila. I just needed to get out of that shelter to see what was out there. 

In my head, I would only be in Manila but I got a job here in Brunei Darussalam. My mum would usually not approve of me being on my own but since I have family here, she caved. I do not know what she's so scared of. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and I...shoots...*wipes coffee spill off the keyboard*

As for how I find Brunei, at first I thought, "Man, this place is boring!" Then I got to talk to my other friends who are overseas, in more happening places may I add, and found out that they, too, are bored. So I figured, if you find the place boring, maybe it is because you are boring. So I just tried to change my mindset and make the most of my stay. I learnt to entertain myself the best way I could. And as you can see from my blog posts, it is a crazy world I am living in...inside my head. 

I have been here for seven years now and this will most probably be the last year that I will be staying here in the "Abode of Peace"...which is also exactly what I said six years ago. 

Where would you bring tourists to, and why?

Oh shucks. This is something that I would not be so good at. First off, I am not good with directions, geography or parallel parking. I do ask my friends who are tour guides and the most obvious place to bring tourists is the Kampong Ayer or the Water Village. There are nice restaurants nearby to enjoy coffee and talk. After that, a boat ride would be in order. 

Then there is the food, of course. I do not cook so I try to eat in different restaurants and am trying to expand my palate. It is here that I learned to eat Japanese food, which now I am quite addicted to. So bringing tourists around to different places to just get fat would be a must. 

If given the chance (and the time), I would also like to bring tourists to the nature parks that Brunei has to offer. Eco Tourism is something that I think Brunei Darussalam should capitalise on as this country is rich in natural resources. Maybe camping, hiking and water sports in Temburong. I have never been there myself but I would lurve to go someday. Hopefully, with a guide because god only knows that kind of mishaps I would get myself into. 

You are the guy behind Why the title, and what do you blog about?

The title "Meditation of the Asian Bimbo" is not something that I thought of for too long and glad that I chose it...especially knowing that America's Next Top Model is already copyrighted so I had no choice. 

It was almost instantly that I came up with it since I am called a "bimbo" far too many times (if you need referrals, I will provide you with a two-page list...back to back...single-spaced). As for the "meditation" part, I think it provides that perfect contrast to what idiots like me do. If I am not mistaken, I started blogging in July 2010 and the blog has been through a lot of makeovers. I am not sure what this blog is. Some people refer to it as so many things and in the short time that I have been blogging, it has been a fashion, health, celebrity gossip, music and current events blog. Right now, I have been writing about my trips so I guess for now it is a travel blog.

Click on the picture link to check out John Rey's blog

It has been through more transformations than Madonna, to be honest...but in a sentence, I would describe it as ALIVE. It is obviously about me and what I do, about everything I find interesting and things that boggle this puny brain of mine. So it changes as I change and I think it is what a blog should really be about. For more hard hitting and serious readings, there is always the news...or those Filipino Soap Drama Shows they show every afternoon on Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB). I have never seen anyone watching that and smile - must be serious stuff. 

List three things you always have with you wherever you go.

This is a tough one. I would say one would be a huge bag, which should at least hold my three C's – Cash / Card, Car Keys and Cell phone. Pretty clever, noh? I thought of that memory device myself. Another is a big bottle of perfume for those emergency situations such as running into your ex...hopefully with a truck. Last one, *looks through his stuff* are my sunnies. It is a must to have them with you at all times. The bigger the better. Eyes (and the skin around it) are very sensitive so you have to protect them at all times (read: vain freak). 

You seem like a trendy kind of guy! Who most inspires your look?

I won't exactly say that I am trendy because it sounds like I follow trends which I really don't. I wear what I want as long as I could pull the look off. Believe it or not, I have restraint when it comes to these things. Let's just hope I won't pull a Marc Jacobs on you and wear a kilt around Brunei. 

As for the inspiration, I usually just stare at my clothes and hope that they talk to me and see what I feel like wearing. Most of the time, I look as minimal as possible (unanimous gasp). I like the Fred Perry look if I feel lazy mix and matching. But I do go crazy from time to Lady Gaga on a sugar-induced momentary insanity. 

Complete this sentence "In three years' time, I..."

...will turn 18. :P

Editor's Note: Well, now I can say that I have featured a model! I got to know and have been following John Rey, a.k.a. @johnreydangilan on Twitter for a few months now, and what a breathe of fresh air! Follow him too see what I mean (no pressure John Rey). One of the great things about Brunei is that there are a lot of expatriates who we can get to know and learn from. They often have a different and refreshing point of view, and, well, like John Rey said, "if you find the place boring, maybe it is because you are boring". Make sure you also check out John Rey's musings at And also, in case you were wondering, to smize is to smile with your eyes. =)

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