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Meet Izad Majid, part of the Ultimate Frisbee Brunei crew.

What do you do?

I'm a Computer Studies teacher at SMPAPHM. 

Describe yourself in three words.

I'm a Geek, a Husband and a Dad.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Bandar most of my years.

You're often tweeting about Ultimate Frisbee. When did you get started?

First time I played this sport was 12 years ago when I was studying in the UK. I wasn't that serious until last year when I decided to give it another try. I soon realised this sport was very challenging in terms of stamina and fitness because it keeps you running, with constant marking of the opposition players. It also requires tactics and strategy, teamwork and understanding with other teammates.

Tell us about Ultimate Frisbee.

The rules are simple. The sport is a non-contact and what is interesting about it is that the players do the refereeing. Each player must maintain sportsmanship conduct called Spirits of the Game where ruling or fouls are to be decided by the players themselves.  Each team has seven players.  It is played like Netball, i.e. you can't move with the disc, and you have 10 seconds possession of the disc. Otherwise it's a turnover to the opposite team. Any incomplete pass, fumble or intercepted pass is a turnover, which means possession is given to the opposite team. Another fun part of this sport is the scoring, which is done by completing a pass to endzones - like Rugby or American Football. The size of the pitch is the same as a football pitch, so a lot of running and man-marking is required. I can say this sport helps you develop fitness and stamina, and it can condition you for other sports.

You only need normal sports attire, and shoes depend on what ground you are playing; football boot for grass fields, and normal indoor shoes for indoor grounds. And most important of all is the disc. The disc we are using is a Discraft Ultra Star 170 gm, currently used world wideby associations and in tournaments. There is also a disc specially made for kids, which is the 140 gm, a lighter version.


There was a recent Ultimate Frisbee tournament held at the Brunei Shell Recreational Club in Seria. The first of its kind? (Editor's Note: That's 'Hal' in the picture.)

25th July 2010 was a triumphant day for Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts, a day many of us will remember. It was the day history was made as the first Ultimate Frisbee tournament was held in Brunei. The tournament was organised by the Kuala Belait Ultimate Team, the Flaming Torpedoes, who is led by one of ours, Halim Hussin. He has done an excellent job of introducing this sport, successfully gathering and training around 30 to 40 people. It's the constant enthusiasm shown by the KB people that led to this tournament and BUF - Bandar's Ultimate team joined in forces to help achieve this memorable event.

How did it go?

The tournament had only four teams, just enough for the first tournament: one from Miri, one from Bandar, and two from Kuala Belait. About 150 people attended the tournament, including players, committee members and volunteers. It was such a huge welcome for this sport and it is the first step for many tournaments to come. Four visitors from Texas, US also joined, and were split among the teams. (They were here on a visit organised by David Thompson from Ethnotreks, an organisation that offers cultural trips to parts of the world.) The final outcome, BUF achieved third place after defeating the Kuala Belait Team B in a big win, while the Miri team grabbed the first place after accumulating more points; KB Team A were the runners up.

Wasn’t it raining that afternoon? =)

Yup! The match between the Miri and Kuala Belait Team A had to be abandoned due to heavy rain, which eventually converted the pitch to a makeshift swimming pool! This did not dampen anyone’s mood as almost everyone jumped in, and made way with their slides and splashes. It was indeed something for everyone to remember. I hope the spirit that enlivens this tournament, and in particular, this sport, will stay forever. Let Ultimate Frisbee enthusiasts join hands and bring this sport to a new level. I can see there will be more tournaments after this. 


Brilliant! How can people get involved, and where do you guys and girls meet?  

First of all, people who are interested or keen to try can just follow @UltimateBrunei, or search and join our Facebook Group for updates. Our venue has not been fixed - this year we have been meeting at several different outdoor locations, including RBA Sports Centre, SM Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna, Jerudong Park Colonnade, Jigsaw Primary School and Sekolah Menengah Berakas. We have also met indoors at Harun's Gym, Bandar Seri Begawan and SM Pengiran Anak Puteri Hajah Masna. We are hoping for support to get at least a permanent field for our pick-up training and games. From here, people can know where we hold our regular training. We usually meet outdoors between 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m., and when indoors, between 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

What else can we expect for Ultimate Frisbee in Brunei?

We are looking to form an association, and establish a regular number of players. So far, there have been good numbers, thanks to the media (press and TV). I am sure, thanks to your help as well, we can gain another medium for us to promote Ultimate Frisbee in Brunei. ULTIMATE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pictures sourced from the Ultimate Brunei Facebook Group. Check it out. 

Editor's Note: Wow, I feel like throwing something discy! Readers, we can read about it, watch the Vimeos and follow @UltimateBrunei, but nothing beats giving it a go. Check out Zophie Hao's Facebook for more pictures, and read Vance Tan's write up about the tournament in Seria. Follow @IzadMajid on Twitter, and look out for a future feature of Izad's thoughts regarding teaching and education. If you're involved in a local sport or an extra-curricular activity in Brunei, and would like to have it featured on Projek Brunei, reach me here.


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