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Meet Jae, the chap and rebel behind Chaps & Rebels

ChapsProfMeet Jae. Jae handles marketing and promotions at a local financial institution, and he's the owner of Chaps & Rebels. It is an e-business selling quality hair styling products. Jae also offers slick haircuts with homage to retro. Follow the Chaps & Rebels journey on Instagram and Facebook

Describe yourself in a few words.
Always a dreamer and I’m stuck in the 80’s. Hombre to his two boys.

Define Success.
Success is an accumulation of everyday small successes. I call it a success if I make a guy smile after my cut or from getting pomade from me. You know - every day small things that people tend to overlook.

Tell us about Chaps & Rebels. The beginnings, the inspiration behind it, where is it at now, and the response so far.
Chaps & Rebels brings hard to find gentlemen products, especially pomades. No one is selling pomades in Brunei so we bring it. Still a humble beginning; I hope to hit the big time one day when there’s enough capital to invest in a proper barbershop. Now it's a DIY barber operating from home. It has always been a dream to have a barbershop at the back of my head since ages ago but I’d never thought that I was going to go pick-up a scissor and do it myself. We cut hair ourselves back then at the school hostel in our teens so the inspiration must have come from there. Response has been good and so far and the schedule is full every weekend.

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What does a 'Chap & Rebel' look like?
They look like the normal Joe, like you and me, Lovers, Ravers and Rockers. We all have two sides - the good chaps and the inner rebels in ourselves. So no matter if a chap is working in the office or riding his motorcycle on the street we all have one thing in common - we care about how we look. Good hair is a good start.

Tell us about your products. Who would use them?
At the moment we have a good selection of pomades from grease base to water base. Uppercut deluxe, Suavecito, Imperial, Layrite, JS Sloane are the best sellers. Soon we will add shave cream, moisturizer and shampoo to the list. Our customers range from teenage boys to gentlemen to ladies even.

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Where do you see Chaps & Rebels in one to three years?
A proper barbershop.

"Chaps & Rebels - Pomades & Haircut for Lovers, Rockers and Ravers"

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