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Featured Local Business: Kuro Dezaina

Editor’s Note: It was a day like any other. I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, when I came across the following tweet.


One of my goals through this blog is to highlight and showcase the creativity of local artists, and so after an exchange of tweets with @KuroDezainaInk, I visited their booth at The Mall on 15th April 2011. They described themselves as “artcoholics”, they showed me some of their work and before long, I was convinced that I had to pay their studio a visit.

A few days later I was there; the fellas told me their stories, showed me their art, gave me time to browse through their (awesome) t-shirt rack, and even let me flip through their black book of sketches. I eventually left feeling very creatively inspired. Check out their gear on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, visit their store, buy one of their edgy t-shirts, or take home a piece of canvas art.


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This is their story.


Who is Kuro Dezaina?

Md Wafi bin Puasa, Md Khairulazri bin Hj Ali, Md Lutfi bin Hj Tarip, Md Khairulizman bin Md Irwandi and AK Md ezat bin Pg Nordin. We are Kuro Dezaina.

Describe yourselves a few words. 

We love ink…we are artcoholics ;)

Tell us about your studio. 

There are three sections – a jamming studio, an art and design studio, and a store for sales and for the display of our canvas designs. The studio is open from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m., and the charge for jamming is $12.00 per hour and $20.00 for two straight hours and so on.

When and Why did you set up the studio? 

We launched the studio on 6th February 2011. We have always been passionate about music, and since we have musical equipment, we decided that opening a studio would be beneficial for ourselves and others. As for the store section, we actually have an online business selling clothes through Facebook (Kuro Dezaina). Previously we provided delivery services for our customers but now with our store, customers can come to browse and try out our gear. Do come by for a visit!




What do you sell from your store? 

We sell caps, siffon silk, sandals, make up for girls, some accessories, and imported t-shirts.






You do canvas art as well. Can people request for special customised orders? 

Yes, people can request for special designs and we will make it for them. Charges depend on the complexity and the size of the canvas. We also do urban street art and stencil art.




Who inspires your art and your work? 

Our master mind is Md Wafi bin Puasa, who is one of the business partners. He plans everything and inspires us to make things happen. :)

Do you have any thoughts about Bruneian artists in general?

There are a lot of artists in Brunei but they don’t show their work to the public. It is not difficult being an artist, however it is important for Bruneian people to continue support the careers of local artists.

What does the studio want to achieve in three years' time? 

We would like to launch our own Kuro Dezaina products, our own t-shirt designs, a fully equipped recording studio, and many more! ;)




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