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Get to know Charlotte and The Creative Core BN

creative core profEditor's Note: The Creative Core BN is a relative new-comer to the local creative scene in Brunei. They had a busy 2015 delivering a range of creative projects, and there is more to come in 2016. To appreciate what they do, read on to understand the 'why' behind their what. Check out their Instagram @thecreativecorebn and find out more about them here.

Who are you?

My name is Charlotte, and I am passionate about the art of Dance. I have been dancing since I was four, I did my sixth form in England [Tring Park School for the Performing Arts]. While in Tring, I discovered contemporary dance and fell in love with freedom within this dance form. I then went on to pursue it in a contemporary dance institute in Canada for a year. I then did an internship at Asia Inc Forum and got interested in events. So I went on to study a Bachelor of Business in Australia.

I came back to Brunei noticing that the creative industry is still growing and decided to put both passions together to form The Creative Core BN.

What is The Creative Core BN?

That is a very big question. The Creative Core BN (TCCBN) exists to gather local artists of various fields within our community together to connect with each other, share personal experiences and experiment with new ideas. I believe that TCCBN will develop and continue to evolve over time, however, at present, this is what it is.

creative core 8 Why did you decide to start this "project"?

One thing that acts as the main inspiration and drive of TCCBN is our interest in the individual behind the art, hence, the “creative core”. This means that we put our focus on connecting with artists on a human level as much as we do connecting with them through their works. The human being behind the art very much shapes the art itself, in whatever form it may present itself in. and that! We want to tell their story. I guess, just as you do here at Projek Brunei; sharing the stories of individuals in our nation.

The other side of things of course, is our interest in the arts. I must say this side of things is as important. To put it simply, Michelle (co-founder) sings, and I dance.... at the same time. Haha. Michelle is a self-taught singer - song writer and musician. She has a great ear for music and plays the keyboard, ukulele and guitar. Her unique voice is loved by many, including myself of course. :)

Along with this, we also had the privilege of seeing many many talented individuals here in Brunei over the years. The country may be small, but the talent here is awesome! When we started talking about the idea of TCCBN in 2013, we saw a gap that needed to be filled, and that gap was the absence of platforms or opportunities for these artists to showcase their works. We’re not saying that TCCBN will be the ones to fill that gap, but we would like to see what we can do contribute to this, together with the other creative enthusiasts out there. At the beginning of 2015, we saw that the creative industry was present; though small, it was picking up in pace. We decided then that it would be a good time to step into this and to see what would come out of it.

Are you able to use your experiences from overseas here in Brunei?

Definitely! I think it’s a beautiful thing when we choose to make use of our past experiences to create something new ‘today’. Many things that I have learnt or experienced within the arts and events scene whilst in Canada and Australia have shaped the way that I plan, think and connect with others.

creative core 2

What has The Creative Core BN done in its first year?

January 2015 marked the beginning of our journey. We have split our year up into different seasons with 1 major event and smaller pre-events (e.g. workshops) to fill it up. We have done so as to focus and delve into one form of art at a time as there is much to discover.

In our first year, we had two main seasons, plus a little initiative in December to wrap up the year. First, our dance season ran from April - July. The season started out with a 3-part video series called I AM. Dancer. The production of this series in collaboration with Beluneu Films looked to present the why and who behind the what. The stories and dance works of 3 local dancers / choreographers were featured; Aizat, Adeline & Hanif. We ended the season with Dancers Meet 2015; a night showcasing the creative process and works of the 3 featured choreographers.

creative core 4

creative core 6

In August, we moved into our Music Season. In the duration of the 4-month long season, we once again had the opportunity to take a look into the heart and soul behind a musicians work and presented it to the community through video features. Following on from that, we opened up a space where local musicians, both up and coming & established, had the opportunity to meet, share, learn and inspire each other in this journey; #WORKSHOPMONTH. We had the privilege of having our local and international singer-songwriter Eia on board as a coach throughout the 3 workshop weekends.

The season ended on a high with a fun collaboration with the collective to put together a major jam session with musicians across our community; The Big Jam.

Creative core 5

creative core 9

To wrap up the year, we decided to celebrate the holiday season with a little bit of kindness; #randomactsofkindnessbn. Anyone and Everyone could get involved by doing a simple act of kindness. The purpose for this initiative is to encourage people to continue to put the focus on what is most important. At the end of the day, it the hearts and the lives behind the art that matter most.

Creative core 1

That was our first year! We had a lot of fun meeting new people and trying out things that we had never done before.

On local culture and the role it plays in your decisions.

Well, over the past year, we have seen a big, positive growth in the public’s perspective and interest towards the creative industry. It’s great! It’s even greater to see companies like the collective as well as Kaleidoscope holding more and more art events. They are paving the way for other creatives in this nation, including us. We owe them much!

This however, does not mean that there are any hurdles for the individuals pursuing arts, whether as a hobby or a career. Therefore, the decisions we make and actions that we take are sometimes still heavily reliant on local guidelines. This does not mean that we are restricted nor discouraged. Limitations and boundaries often times pushes us to think outside the box and push our personal borders, which is great!

On challenges faced in doing public art related events.

There were many challenges of course, because #life. Hah! However, because of the paved path before us we had a pretty good run in 2015, seeing that it is our first year. We had much support from the public as well as those who have been on this journey for a while, which was more than we could have asked for.

I guess our main challenge in 2015 was an internal one. As in, a challenge we faced within our own in-house team. Due to the fact that it was our first year, we had many firsts, many tasks, that we were not really prepared for logistically. (Communication is hard!) I will say that team work is something that needs to be practiced and worked at. :p

Who have you worked with in past events?

We had the honour of working with a couple of amazing human beings last year: The guys from the local film company, Beluneu Films, Shinny from the collective, the artist- illustrator Chynna Tan, UBD TV, Eia, Relentless Entertainment, Community of Dance and many more local creators who were involved in our seasons.

What do you hope to see in 2016?

Our motto is Impart. Impact. Inspire. For the artists, we want them to come to our events with an open heart and mind to share AND learn something new; to be imparted with new skills and knowledge and in turn impart their skills and knowledge into the greater community.

We would hope for TCCBN’s events and creative works to make a significant mark, print, impact whatever you may call it, in our society. To educate and inspire others to open up their hearts and minds to art, and all that it carries with it.

creative core 3

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