Wednesday Jul 15

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Introducing 400mlFiends

Greetings Readers! Allow me to introduce you to a local outfit that call themselves 400mlFiends. In their own words, they are "a collective of graffiti writers, visual artists, music enthusiasts, trainspotters and all around street culture lifestyle nomads". I got in touch with them and spoke around the topic of Creativity. This is what they had to say.

"Creativity to us means exploring every avenue of possibilities in every artistic aspect and medium. The creative process includes various, brainstorming sessions, trial and errors, experimenting whilst having in mind the goal, which in an overview we aim towards positive progression. The end result of creativity should be an increased standard in quality and audience stimulus within one's artwork, adding more value to the art experience. The opposite of that is complacency which basically means you're producing a repeated product or result, keeping you stagnant. So, creativity isn't a skill or a talent to us as much as it is a willingness to avoid the comfort zone."

Visit their website for more information and connect with them on FB.

Here's some of their work. 

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Photograph with Yang Berhormat Pehin Hazair, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports at the Berakas Youth Park

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