Friday Jun 05

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Snap Shots by Hassnal Adam Sulaiman

154191_10150341495700368_557240367_16063229_7436296_nEditor's Note: Meet Hassnal Adam Sulaiman, a.k.a. @AdamSnaps. Adam, a Brunei based photographer, has been practising his craft since 2008. I met him previously at a wedding model shoot and he told me that he has never gone for any photography courses and that he is "pretty much self taught...through the internet, YouTube and Magazines". Adam is participating in the Art Takes London competition, and is also one of the official photographers of the International Wedding Showcase 2011. Check out more of his work here.

Here's Adam.

Describe yourself in a few words.

Pretty quirky, a dreamer and (a bit) obsessive compulsive.

Who initially inspired you to take up photography?

Aaron Nace definitely! Came across his photos on Flickr one day and I just knew that was the sort of photography I am into, and wanted to do. It was almost like some sort of epiphany. Greg Williams and Benangsutera also inspire me.

What was your first camera, and what are you currently using?

First camera was the 5.1 MP Sony Cybershot. Currently I'm using a Canon 40D.

Why do you enjoy photography?

The freedom to express myself. I enjoy portrait photography. I am a control freak, I love the fact that I can almost control (manipulate) each element to achieve the image I want.

What has been your favorite photo-shoot thus far? Why?

It has got to be the photo-shoot for the contest on (see the image tagged 'Kung Fu Pancho') It was on a Sunday at around 5.00 p.m. at Lumut beach. My cousin, Adam Wasli, was there to assist me. We had one bag of flour, about 30 minutes before it got too dark and there were quite a lot of people about. It is not every day that I have an excuse to jump around half naked at a public beach throwing flour everywhere. It was fun.

What has been the highlight of your journey with photography so far?

Being one of the official photographers for International Wedding Showcase, alongside Aiman Besar.

Why should people make an effort to attend the International Wedding Showcase 2011 from 16th to 19th June 2011?

It is one of the most comprehensive wedding showcases so you might be pleasantly surprised by what is on offer. I personally welcome anyone and everyone to come and be part of the experience.

Complete this sentence "In three years’ time, I...."

...hope to be a lot better in my photography than I am today.

"Ain Lim"


"Engineering his fate"


"Faith is a powerful thing"


"I'll figure this one out on my own"


"Inspirasi Gaga"




"Joe Black"


"Kungfu Pancho"


"The monster we create"


"This might be the last time"



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