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Snap Shots by Ezra Pilpus

Editor's Note: Meet Ezra Pilpus, a.k.a. @Ezra_Pilpus. Ezra has been an independent photographer in Brunei since 2009, he describes his work as minimalistic, and says he is influenced by old-school photographers like Henri-Cartier Bresson, William Eggleston, Ansel Adams and Alec Soth. Check out Ezra's website and Flickr albums to appreciate more if his work. If you are keen to participate in small-group portraiture workshops or if you are looking for someone to work Photoshop magic for photograph editing, reach Ezra via email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


 Screenshot from Ezra's website

Here's Ezra.

What do you do?

Currently, I work as full-time secondary Maths teacher in the Brunei Muara district; I have been teaching for six years already.

Describe yourself in a few words.

I am naturally shy and analytical, but I am allowing myself to be open and friendly to others.

What inspired you to take up photography?

I used to hate photography because I felt it was a trend, and honestly I cannot remember why I fell in love with photography, haha!

What camera are you currently using?

I bought a Nikon D40x from a friend two years ago, and I still use it now. 

What do you enjoy taking pictures of the most?

I believe images impact whoever sees them, whether it is artistically or emotionally. I guess I consider myself as a lifestyle photographer. I like people, with interesting personalities and if you can capture that in your photographs, you know they are really worth the effort. That is why I am quite picky when choosing models or subjects for my shoots. I have also occasionally doing street photography, going to Bandar Seri Begawan at least once a month just to capture daily happenings. Candid moments need to be captured quickly because they cannot be replicated. 

 Have you ever won any photography awards? 

No. I need to write an acceptance speech, just in case.

Are there any exciting projects planned for this year?

Of course. I have been planning to take my photography shoots to another level, involving props and raw emotions. I am also working to expand my network outside Brunei, and I am blessed to be in contact with amazing photographers from Singapore, Malaysia and a few from Australia. I am planning to do a portraiture project with few of my Malaysian photographer friends this year, so God-willing, it will go to plan.

Complete this sentence "In three years' time, I..."

 ...will be blessed and thankful with a family. I will still have a blast taking photographs, will have a consistent photography business, and will have spread my work outside Brunei, covering assignments and events overseas.

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