Friday Jun 05

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Snap Shots by Ahmad Wajidi

Editor's Note: Meet Ahmad Wajidi, a.k.a. @gd14live. I got to know Ahmad through Twitter and found out that he's a freelance web designer, a graphic designer and a photographer. Check out the rest of Ahmad's portfolio here; his designs and photographs speak for themselves. If you are interested in engaging his craft, you can reach him via his website - www.ahmadwajidi.comAs with the previous Snap Shots, get to know him a bit better, and check out more of his work below (click on the thumbnails). 

 p.s. If you are a local or Brunei-based designer, artist, photographer, painter, etc - I would love to check out your work. Point me to it here. 8)

 Here's Ahmad.


Describe yourself in a few words.


How long have you been designing?

I have been designing websites since I was about 17. I used to mess around with HTML and CSS code when I was a blogger.

What about photography? 

Back then, a few shots from my mobile phone was enough to get me hooked into photography. 

List three web designers that inspire you.

Jay Hollywood, Tudinh Duong and Davy Kestens.

And photographers?

Anak BruneiUcingItam and Ahim Rani.

What are your software of choice when designing?

Photoshop for designing and Dreamweaver for coding. 

Some of Ahmad's designs

Describe the designing process in a few words.

Clients usually tell me what they want; I make it happen. 

What was your first camera, and what are you currently using?

My first camera was Sony cyber-shot DSC-W35. I am currently using a Samsung L730.

List three important aspects of photography.

Exposure (the most important aspect of photography), perfect lighting and avoid over editing.

Complete this sentence "In three years' time, I..."

...will most probably have saved enough to get myself a DSLR camera.

A screen shot from a client Ahmad has designed for - Dave's Agency.


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