Monday Aug 10

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A Checklist for Jobseekers

Ever wondered about the process employers and recruiters go through when leafing through resumes and applications? According to Jobvite, an online recruitment platform, you are reviewed both offline (via your resume and references) and online across your channels. Take a look at the infographic below and then take a step back to think about the content you are creating and sharing online.


As a bonus, here's a quick (tongue-in-cheek) checklist for you jobseekers out there:

1. When did you last update your profile picture? First impressions count.

2. Build a resume that stands out from the rest. No idea where to start? See these four tips. To really stand out, see here on how to put your best foot forward online.

3. Received an award? Smashed your company's sales targets? Increased your department's productivity by 10%? Don't just brag about it. Update your LinkedIn account.

4. Are you a social butterfly and do your friends have a habit of tagging you on Facebook after a fun night out? Then it is time to review your Facebook privacy settings. (There have been a number of changes on FB, so it is probably time to review your settings anyway.)

5. Do you have a habit of complaining about your boss and / or colleagues online? Well, don't. We live in the era of WhatsApp. Screenshots are a click or two away.

6. Love taking selfies? Well, if you must, at least make sure you score yourself loads of likes for it.

7. Do your customers and clients adore you? Be bold and request for a testimonial or two. [Note: In order to first receive raving reviews, you have to be good, nay, GREAT at what you do.]

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