Tuesday Mar 31

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Movember Tweet Up: Man Up, Get Checked.

Greetings Readers! Big love to everyone who came to support the Movember Tweet Up last night! The event was open to everyone - young and old, women and men from the general public. I co-organised the event together with Movember BN and KFC Brunei and we estimate that close to 120 people came, including folks from B: Read, Muzikaliti, SCOT Brunei, UBDFM, Counter Attack, Brunei Cosplayers, B.I.G. Series, etc. It was held at KFC Gadong Central; everyone who came received a free Krusher drink (courtesy of KFC Brunei) plus a mustache-on-a-stick from the organisers with "Man Up, Get Checked." written on as a reminder to be proactive and to take matters of health seriously.

What exactly is "Movember"? "Movember" (i.e. combination of the words “Mustache” + “November”) is a growing worldwide campaign involving the growing of mustaches through the month of November. The symbol for "Movember" is the mustache, but the campaign goes much deeper. It is purposed to raise awareness about Men's Health issues (e.g. prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression, etc) affecting millions of men across the globe. Back in February 2012, I was involved in organising the first official tweet-up at the Airport Mall which saw over a hundred people from the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram online community in Brunei gather for a casual catch up. The general feedback received was that it was great meeting people who we connect with online for the first time in person. Similarly, the idea behind the Movember Tweet Up was engage the local community in fun and social way to raise awareness about Men's Health.

Group photographs

IMG 0688

IMG 0690

IMG 0636

photo 3

With my homies, Nadz and Zul

IMG 0627

IMG 0628


IMG 0667

Mr RA showing his support

photo 1

I set my mobile camera speed on 'speed of light' and managed to capture the Ninjas

photo 2

IMG 0648

My trustworthy registration team

IMG 0714

IMG 0650

IMG 0715

Why so serious...

IMG 0726

Family friends and my dad (far right)

IMG 0716

Friends from B:Read

IMG 0641

IMG 0655

The lovely ladies from B.I.G. Series

IMG 0673

The B.I.G. men

IMG 0674

Was nice meeting the folks from The Nina Project for the first time

IMG 0705

IMG 0666

IMG 0703

JC, Gerry and Angel

IMG 0643

Fyad sporting his actual MO-on-a-stick

(p.s. Thanks for helping with the photography bro!)

IMG 0704

Bushy Syukri from CANDAS (right)

IMG 0678

 IMG 0677

IMG 0675

Zul-Fadly Osman (a.k.a. Mr KaPOW) Founder, Movember BN shared that “Movember BN was founded last year with the hope of promoting men’s health issues in general and it created hype with the help of social media. The idea of Movember is using the Mustache for men, like for example the pink ribbon for breast cancer, which originated from Adelaide and is now an international worldwide movement. More often than not, men are not known for sharing about their health issues. We cannot change that mind-set overnight but it is events like this that will slowly get our men in Brunei to be more open about their Health.”

Del Goh, General Manager, KFC Brunei highlighted that “KFC supports this campaign because of the awareness it brings. I strongly believe in a balanced lifestyle - one that enables us to indulge in the things that we love but also to be aware of the importance of healthy living. It's the same reason why we keep running our 3on3 Street Basketball competition, and the last one for this year is already underway, with the finals happening this weekend at Airport Mall once again. For our country Brunei, we may be small but it does not mean that we cannot do anything or we do not have to do anything. Movember is definitely proof of that.”

Good looking folks from UBDFM

IMG 0713

IMG 0725

With the mighty men from GetFitCrossFit

IMG 0711

IMG 0644

IMG 0670

IMG 0645

Shots from across the evening at KFC Gadong Central

IMG 0724

IMG 0706

IMG 0721

IMG 0652

IMG 0697

IMG 0631

IMG 0712

IMG 0664

IMG 0649

IMG 0634

IMG 0657

Man up. Get checked.

Big Love!

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