Friday Sep 18

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Tumbleweeds and Silence

Tumblr is down.
I first caught wind of it after reading Marul's tweet this morning:

Marul69: I don't mind facebook being down. but when it's tumblr, i get cluelessly restless. 

And then about two hours ago, I read Kurapak's tweet: 

Kurapak: Due to tumblr nggak bisa berfungsi hari ani. Me ingin mminta maaf to semua yg masuk my comix site ( stay tuned peeps! ;) 

Tumblr notified over this last weekend that the site would be down for a few hours, but the site is still down. Tumblr executives took to Twitter to notify Tumblr faithfuls...over 13 hours ago now.

We're working quickly to recover from a major issue in one of our database clusters. We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience. via web

As expected, Tumblrs worldwide are getting vocal on Twitter.
I (this site) have experienced being offline before sucks. Non-bloggers perhaps may not truly appreciate the *agony* of being offline; it is a hard feeling to describe...kind of like losing the pen-drive where your assignment was stored a day before it is due, but worse.
This may sound juvenile, but I CANNOT imagine what it would be like if Twitter was down for just one hour, let alone 13 hours.
Hopefully for not too much longer Bruneian Tumblrs and Tumblrs worldwide.

Updated: 7th December 2010 - Tumblr is back online.
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