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St Margaret's School, Seria

Minus a couple of years in Southampton, I spent most of my childhood in the Belait district. If my memory serves correctly, I lived in the Cedar Wood housing area, "X-11" and then along Jalan Sungai Pandan. The Sungai Pandan house was about 15 minutes walk away from the town centre, 5 minutes by bicycle. I studied in St Margaret's School in Seria, about 30 minutes from Kuala Belait, from Kindergarten all the way until Secondary 5. I never quite understood why my folks never sent me to a school in Kuala Belait where I could have just cycled to school, but I have also learned that some things were just meant to be.

Counsellors and Students


I finished Secondary 5 in 1997 and have visited St Margaret's School maybe just three times across the last 14 years. The most recent visit was on Saturday 25th June 2011. The school was launching their new website and Student Information Management System (SIMS) and invited parents and alumni to attend the event. Personally, I had a great time at school. I still carry the school motto with Be Strong and of Good Courage. I remember being Captain of the Blue House, I remember that I first started "liking" girls in lower primary, I remember that I was always afraid of "failing" my exams fearing that I would be separated from my friends, I remember playing "police and thieves". And of course, I remember some of my Teachers.

I walked into the assembly hall which was enclosed, air-conditioned and bustling with curious parents. Students stared and teachers gave second looks...and then a few started smiling back. After the official launching of the website and SIMS, I bee-lined over first to Mrs Ravi...and then to Ms Wee...and then to Cikgu Hasnah...and then to Mr Mohan. After 14 years, I still had to address them as Teacher...because I am still learning from their lessons on life and character. And then I met some of the students. It helped that they were tweeps from Twitter...and that they were Counsellors. One of my introductory lines? "Hey, I used to be a Counsellor too!"

Invited VIPs


eLaunching of the new website


The Notice Board


Chemistry Lab


Group photograph with the Counsellors and Students


In front of one of my old classrooms


The view from the 'balcony'


Picture with Mrs Ravi and Ms Koo


Hallowed Halls


Picture with Syafi Al Waly


The Flags


Picture with Cikgu Hasnah


Picture with Ms Wee


Screen shot of the school's new website


One day, I would love to do a projek with St Margaret's School. In fact, one of the things on my bucket-list is to give a talk at my alma matter. So if you are reading this and you are studying there and tomorrow your teacher gives you an assignment to "do something for the school", please do reach me via email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I would love to collaborate. And oh, I heard that Bluetory was the winning house at the recent 55th Annual Athletic Meet. Goooo Blues!

Pictures from @AmalSteady's blog



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