Friday Sep 18

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Peace and Harmony, by Aziz Harun

Greetings Readers! Check out and have a listen to this recently released single by Projectunes’ very own Aziz Harun. (click here for non-Flash browsers)


Peace and Harmony

Words by Aziz Harun and Rahim Harun

Are you going to lie to the world again?

Saying the war has just end?

Behind those doors and those people

You say to me

To end this war we just need peace and harmony

We can save lives times a million

But what we’re doing kills a billion

Create a new civil-eyes-ation

With this action we shall



Sing out all the melodies

Humm the harmonies

Everybody can do this is easy

To change the world

All we need is peace and harmony


Our new generation takes society

One by one unnecessarily

All the ethnic groups are a race

But I...

I still stand here in my place



You never know, you never know what will happen

Will they stop lovin’

Send this message out to everyone in need

Cause all we need to end this war is peace and harmony   


This is Aziz's cover of Song for a Friend by Jason Mraz. Enjoy more of Aziz on Youtube.


I. Am. Impressed.

What do you think?

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