Monday Jun 25

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Hunting for healthier options in Brunei

Greetings Readers! Lately I have been on the hunt for healthier and / or organic food options. I came across the following picture from the local H.O.P.E. (Healthy Organic People & Environment) FaceBook Page which pointed out an organic section at the Utama Grand Department Store at The Mall, Gadong. (If it has been there for a while now, I had never noticed it before!)

A little more about H.O.P.E. (from their About page), their "vision is to transform Brunei's eating habits by being the change we wish to see through a thriving culture of seamless cooperation, creativity, contribution, integrity and partnerships with like-minded businesses and individuals, supplying the abundance of food that is safe, nutritious and beneficial to our community". Their Mission, to "build a self-sustaining non-profit group" that seeks to:
- promote organic farming (permaculture) in our own backyard
- gather people to share bulk buying of basic natural / organic ingredients direct from genuine producers so its cheaper for all
- work with local SMEs to produce healthier food (e.g. organic soy butter, cheese, jams, sauces, cakes, dishes, etc) so we all have our very own local supplies of healthier food to help our community eat healthier
- to increase awareness of better nutrition for beauty and preventive health

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I went to check it out for myself and found that they stocked a range of cereals, pastas, sauces, supplements, oils, etc. If you know of other places that stock health foods and organic supplies, do share the info via the comments section below. Big Love!

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