Friday Sep 18

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Life is Better in 3D

Greetings Readers. Tomorrow will mark a month since I removed the masks and revealed myself. The last 30 odd days have been interesting on so many levels. I just want to share some pictures, courtesy of @Kurapak@Wanzsyah and @Jaydensia.

26th October 2010, Toy Story 3D at The Mall; Thanks for the invite Rano Adidas!

(click on the thumbnails)  

Social media and the Web is great for learning from others, following them on Twitter or reading their blog to get a glimpse into their world, sampling their music, appreciating their art, etc...but it does not come close to looking someone in the eyes, shaking their hand (or for the fellas, pulling them in for the "guy-hug" manoeuvre...) and telling them "It is so nice to meet you."

When the time is right, let's all do another tweet-up (i.e. meet up).

Big Love!

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