Monday Jun 25

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Lego Show by BULAT at Times Square Shopping Centre

Greetings Readers! The Brunei Usergroup Lego and Technic (BULAT) hosted a Lego Show at Times Square Shopping Centre on Friday 23rd November 2012. I found out about the event from @Juloren's Instagram (Lego fans, I recommend you check him out!) account the day before and marked it down in my schedule. The group shared that the event marked another milestone for BULAT as the second exhibition organised by the group. They called it the D@TS, i.e. the Display @ Times Square. 

From the BULAT website, "the vision of the group is to promote Lego collecting, building and other Lego related activities in Brunei". In their press release, they added that "since its establishment on 15th May 2011, BULAT serves as a mechanism to assist and support the Lego hobby amongst the local community as well as provide an avenue for adult fans of Lego (AFOLs) to come together to form a tight-knit and vibrant community in Brunei...BULAT also serves to promote and support local businesses currently selling and distributing Lego within the country". The group hopes to create greater awareness of Lego as a family-friendly hobby through D@TS 2012 and future exhibitions.

Kudos to the BULAT team for a job well done!

p.s. Thank you @FyadAli for helping with some of the close-up shots!

IMG 0606

IMG 0607

IMG 0608

IMG 0609

IMG 0610

IMG 0599

IMG 0603

IMG 0619

 IMG 0585

IMG 0586

IMG 0588

IMG 0566

IMG 0573

IMG 0580

IMG 0591

IMG 0594

IMG 0596

IMG 0611

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