Monday Jun 25

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New JKR-ku app by the Ministry of Development

WITH the development of Internet usage in Brunei Darussalam covering more than three quarters of the total population, the Ministry of Development (MoD), through the Public Works Department (PWD), has stepped forward and come up with an application known as JKR-ku.

JKR-ku is an application that was created to upgrade the management of complaints and report on the problems experienced by the general public, while PWD is known as a government organisation that offers maintenance and repair services for its users.

During the launching ceremony of PWD’s latest application, JKR-ku, Pehin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awg Haji Suyoi bin Haji Osman, the Minister of Development and guest of honour, said in his speech that it is hoped the application will be able to improve the services of the PWD, enhancing their management quality in handling reports and complaints from the general public.

Through this application, the guest of honour urged the PWD to provide a fast and more efficient response to the complainants via e-mail or telephone and also to better record all complaints and responses for future references.

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Pehin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Awg Haji Suyoi bin Haji Osman, the Minister of Development, tours a mini-exhibition regarding the JKR-ku application. Photograph sourced from


Furthermore, the minister also stated that the name of the application, JKR-ku, is to showcase PWD as an organisation that invites all citizens in the department to be responsible in supporting the mission and vision of PWD and the MoD.

Through this application, said the guest of honour, PWD hopes that it will illustrate their concern and care towards members of the public by their continuous efforts and will give assurance to the consumers to use the application and provide information about any complaints and problems that could be acted upon quickly.

The minister also hoped that MoD and PWD will be well received by members of the public and the consumers will be proactive in assisting and helping PWD to deal with any damages or problems before it becomes a bigger problem or is neglected.

“As a government department that is heavily involved with the public, such initiatives are most welcome because the service we provide is not in the form of ‘one-go’ but is continuous,” he continued.

Through this initiative, the minister said that the application can also help the people to monitor the work of the ministry and enable the ministry to maintain their service quality.

Members of the public can now simply file their complaints through their smartphones by sending the information to the latest application, known as JKR-ku, designed and developed by the Public Works Department (PWD) through Webpixel Technoloogy.

Members of the public can send information through the application and at the same time, senders can also attach photos of the complaint and problem. Once they send their complaints, they will receive their reference number through an automated notification from the system.

All of the complaints received will then be forwarded to the Ministry of Development’s Customer Care Hotline Centre at 140. The complainant can contact the hotline 140 for the update status of their complaint.

During the launching, the department also presented its newly revamped official website ( that offers mainly the information of the services that the department is offering.

PWD’s new website aims to be more user-friendly so that the public can obtain information that is required and simultaneously promote the information about PWD.

The main objective of developing JKR-ku is to offer an alternative for members of the public to send in their complaints, not only through hotline but also through PWD’s website and the JKR-ku application.

Article excerpt courtesy of the Borneo Bulletin

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