Friday Nov 24

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History in the Making

Greetings Readers! Those following me on Twitter may recall that a few days ago I tweeted "Tweeps, if you want to be part of a Social Media experiment, please RT #MakeADifference" I tweeted the message about five times across 12 hours, and the idea was to see how many people retweeted the hashtag #MakeADifference. I also wanted to check how far that message spread. You see, we all have different networks on Twitter. I may follow people that you don't, and you may have followers that I don't...but as long as you have an unlocked account, as long as there is a specific hashtag, it gets cross-amplified through our networks.

To cut a long story short, through, I found out that the #MakeADifference hashtag was retweeted by over 60 of you, and collectively we reached nearly 20,000 other Twitter accounts. Not bad for 12 hours worth of tweets. 8)

Now, on Sunday 19th June 2011, this blog turns 1 year old and to celebrate, I want to invite you to join me in what possibly may be a Bruneian first on Twitter...globally. The idea is to make the hashtag #OurBrunei a Trending Topic GLOBALLY on Twitter. All you need to do, on that date across 8.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. local BRUNEI TIMEI, unlock your Twitter account and tweet AS MANY positive tweets as you possibly can with the hashtag #OurBrunei. For example, #OurBrunei is peaceful, #OurBrunei is progressing, #OurBrunei is green, #OurBrunei is a must visit travel destination, etc.


(BIG Shout Out to @MuazAlRashid for helping with this poster!)

I have been doing a lot of research (here, here, here, etc), and It. Is. Possible. Specifically we need at least 1,000 people on Twitter to tweet at least 2,000 tweets at a specific time on a specific date.

Readers, whether you are in Brunei, England, Australia, New York, Germany, Malaysia, etc - as long as you have a Twitter account, you can be part of this EPIC social media event. Click here to download the poster, post it on your blog, your Facebook wall and page, tweet and retweet this article, tell your friends and family, somehow get involved. I have also created a Facebook event so please do "attend" the event and share it on Facebook aswell.

We Can Do This.

Let's make a positive difference for #OurBrunei.

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