Monday Jun 25

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The Harlem Shake

Greetings Readers! Allow me to introduce you to "The Harlem Shake". If you have not yet heard about this 'dance', look it up on YouTube. It's got people asking "Is this 2013's answer to Gangnam Style?" It generally starts out with someone in a costume or with something on their head (a helmet, mask, bucket, hoodie, etc) dancing oh-so-randomly in a room, and then all of a sudden - BAM! More (epic) randomness follows. They come in clips of about 30 seconds...which make them very easy to consume. Check it out and see what you make of it. I have a feeling we will be hearing a lot about this through 2013.

Be warned though. These 30 second clips are (very) addictive.

Here's one of my favorites so far followed by (yup) a local clip.

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