Friday Sep 18

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Brunei's 32nd National Day

As Brunei celebrates its 32nd National Day, I had the privilege of being there in person for the first time to witness the celebration from a new perspective. I remember being in St. Andrew's School, taking part in the flag waving portion of the day. I didn't know much about the celebrations, but one thing I was always excited about was the sight of His Majesty passing by, waving to everyone.

The day began as early as 6:00 am as people started to fill the roads in preparation for the annual national day march. As I stood there watching some groups practice their march for the parade, while others excitedly fixed their uniforms. I could feel the excitement.

The time had come.

As the arrival of His Majesty's entourage caught my attention from the distance, there I stood with the same anticipation as when I had been a flag waving schoolboy. From the arrival of His Majesty to the march-pass, the performance and the departure, it was heartwarming to see not only the locals but also foreigners and tourists celebrating this joyous occasion with us in harmony and as one nation.

Personally, the march pass was one of the highlights of the day . The participants of the parade included school students and teachers, public corporations, scouts, sports teams, and many more. It was a joy to see people of all ages and background marching as one.

Here are some photographs from the day...

IMG 4886

IMG 4889

IMG 4890

IMG 4898

IMG 4930

IMG 4934

IMG 4944

IMG 4950

IMG 4953

IMG 4981

IMG 4993

IMG 5029

 IMG 5060

IMG 5073

IMG 5087

IMG 5105

IMG 5184

IMG 5192

IMG 5231

IMG 5280

IMG 5320

IMG 5330

IMG 5341

IMG 5350

IMG 5353

IMG 5394

IMG 5448

IMG 5433

IMG 5455

IMG 5463

IMG 5477

"Challenges have potential to bring about change. Challenges must be handled wisely. Wisdom determines the pattern of the change to something better," said His Majesty on the 32nd National Day titah.

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